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great guy! lots of communication. Easy going, very reasonable as well. Hes also canadian, this gets him 5 points for being cool.

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I sold him my preamp, transaction was smooth and hes a great communicator I would be happy to deal sanakaku again.

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Sold him my K601's. great head-fier. Excellent communication,really fast payment and a very nice guy. Thanks!! I hope you enjoy them.

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Sold Richie my D7000. He was great to deal with - communicating politely and promptly and sent payment immediately. Transaction went smoothly without any hitches. Would very much recommend as a buyer/seller and as an all around great head-fi member.

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Richie is fantastic to deal with,The 80 gig Zune was like brand new.

We traded my Grado SR325i headphones for his Zune.

Richie sent emails,pictures of everything packed well before he shipped and pics of the tracking recipt ect...

I feel bad that I didn't have to pay customs and he did though,that dosen't make sence to me but I'm thinking it might be because I insured the headphones.(I hope this was not something caused by me)


Richie is a stand up guy and I wouldn't give it a second thought to buy ,sell or trade with him on any idem.

In fact I hope to agein some day.

Richie/ Sanakaku

Five stars ***** 

110% positive to deal with

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I bought a set of Grado SR325i's from him that were modded.  He was very easy to deal with and answered all my questions, and kept in good communication.  Great guy, highly recommended head-fier.

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