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CanJam at RMAF 2010  

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What do you get when you mix the most potent audio forum in the world with the badest audio show in the US?


You you CanJam at RMAF. yes once again we are bringing the best in headphones to the best in 2 channel high end audio. Last year was a great time and shook up the high end world when they saw what sound could come out of two transducers strapped to a listeners ears.


October 15-17 at the Marriot Denver Tech Center be there or miss one hell of an audio party. We saw 20 plus vendors who brought the LCD2, JH16, RSA dropped a balanced amp on the JH13s and shook the place up, Moon Audio rocked with table of headphones and tubed madness, Fang kicked out the jams with planars and in ears, Woo Audio lit up the place with tube madness, Headroom hit it hard with high end headphones and balanced rigs, ALO showed that the doctor was in the house with the Rx amp and many many more...


Locals brought the pain with exstata amps, BHSEs rocked the old guard, HPA and ASR taught the old dogs a few new tricks.


We have a great room at a great show and I'd love to see the faithful come out.


There will be more to come and a few tricks up our sleeves but mark your calendars, get a kitchen pass from the family and make plans now to attend, I promise you a time you will not soon forget.


Besides the regular headphone stuff there is arguably the best two channel audio show in the world to see and hear. I was wowed by the Merlin room, galibier turntables, Ayre had a great showing, single drivers and multi channel set ups, it was a who's who of audio under one roof.



More to come very soon including a vendor list and plenty of surprises.




Here is a link to more info

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I'll be there JP, should be another smashing time. With gear too of course - not sure yet what I'd have but something cool. Maybe even the BHSE again, who knows. Is the room the same as last year's or will it be a different one?


I also feel like I should say now that although I'll be there this year, it's almost definite that I won't be at one of these again either next year or any other future years. Nothing against Head-Fi, CanJam@RMAF, or RMAF, it's just that I have other personal reasons for not attending. I'll be limiting my regular Head-Fi meet attendance a lot more too from now on, so it's not just this event.

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I need to check my calender this sounds like great fun..

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Sounds like a good time! I'll pencil it in and, work permitting, I'll have to get a ticket and head out there for a few days.

Sorry to hear that, Asr. It's always great to see you at the meets and I hope to run into you again one of these days.
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I'm planning on making it there this year (depending entirely on finances).

Any vendors committed to the CanJam room yet jp?

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Vendor invites just went out Monday but so far we have 


Moon Audio

JH Audio

Woo Audio


well have a slate of about 20 plus vendors like last year most likely. 


I sent one out to Doc Bottlehead hope he can make it. 

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Hi John,


I'm afraid that your invite must have been booted by my spam filter. I am very interested in attending. Some of you may remember that Bottlehead was the first exhibitor at RMAF to have a "headphones only" room, in 2004. If you would be so kind as to resend the vendor info I will start polishing tubes and cleaning tape heads.

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new email sent, thanks Doc!

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Confirmed vendors so far are 


Moon Audio

Woo Audio

JH Audio



There are several more vendors that are firming up their attendance and I'd estimate that we'd have at least as many vendors there this year as last with likely more. 

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John, wow another fun meet on the horizon!  I thoroughly enjoyed last year's event and was able to spend some quality time with much of the gear I have been reading about on this forum.  I am really looking forward to seeing what Woo Audio and Doc Bottlehead bring to tempt us with this year.  Looking forward to this event.

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Can you send me a copy of the vendor invite?  I'm pretty sure we'll be attending but just need to look over the details.  You may have already sent a copy to someone else but I would appreciate it if you can shoot it over to my e-mail address.


Looking forward to this years event.




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Jamey much apologies for the glitch you should have it now.


Greg you are right the speaker vendor rooms are SOLD OUT so there is going to be a ton of great stuff to check out once you get your fill of the headphone goodness

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Originally Posted by jp11801 View Post

Jamey much apologies for the glitch you should have it now.


Greg you are right the speaker vendor rooms are SOLD OUT so there is going to be a ton of great stuff to check out once you get your fill of the headphone goodness

Ahh not quite sure that is possible John.   Will more vendors be allowed to sign up as in will more rooms possible be made available?  I think there are a few out there still on holiday and slow to commit.

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we have plenty of room for vendors in the CanJam room and can accomodate up to 40 most likrly given the 10,000 sq ft size. The speaker hotel rooms where you and I ran around like little kids are sold out. There are PLENTY of rooms for people that are attending the event either at the Marriot or at other local hotels.

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Any update on the vendors?

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