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My SoundMagic PL50 crapped out on me...again!

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This is a follow up on a topic I created a few months ago: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/479889/my-soundmagic-pl50s-broke#post_6511866


Without going into too much detail what happened was:


I contacted SoundMagic for a replacement and they accepted. I sent back my faulty pair and after about a month I got a replacement. The replacement was faulty out of the box (one of the speakers simply did not work). So I contacted them and after a week or so they got back to me saying that they'll send me another pair. So I send the faulty pair they sent me and I wait for a few weeks. I don't get any response and no replacement in sight. I manage to get in touch with a rep on google talk because they wouldn't respond to my emails. I'm told they they won't send me a replacement until they receive the pair they sent back.


Weeks pass with no response from their side, I constantly had to ask them whether they received the package or not until eventually I'm told that they finally got them. Over two months after my initial contact with SoundMagic, I receive a working pair of earphones, only to have them break down after a few weeks of light use. Theoretically I'm still under warranty from the first pair I bought but I'm not going to bother contacting them again. I've just wasted time and money trying to get a refund from them.


So basically I'm now in the market for a new set of IEMs. Maybe go a step-up from the PL50. Anything but SoundMagic.


Any Suggestions?

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IM-590s are nice and there's good things being said about Xears TD100s. If your interested in moving the broken pair, PM me. I've got another and wouldn't mind an experiment.

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The Xears TD100 seem interesting. I check out their website and it seems like I should be able to get them for 28€ including shipping. That seems rather cheap to me. Could they possibly be a step up from the PL50s at that price?


I can't find a lot of information about them or a single review.


As for the PL50s. I don't have any use for them so as long as you'd like to pay shipping costs I don't mind sending them over. I still have the box and case which includes warranty until August.


Also what about the XNR120PRO? They're also 20€ on that PlayaZ-Audio website. I'm really liking them but with so little information it's hard to decide.


And why is their whole site in German. Is there no English version?

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Nope they wont be a step up from the PL50s. Different sound sig.


If your looking for fun-factor/enjoyability, i would highly reccomend the Meelec M6 and the TD100s. Both are not a step up from the PL50s, but a side-step.

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The M6 may be a good choice if you want to play it safe regarding build quality and customer service. From what I've experienced and heard from others, Meelec treats its customers like royalty.

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Well I liked what I read about the TD100 so I went ahead and bought those. I even bought the TM1PRO so that I can get the Playaz N3 for free. So I got 3 IEMs for 48€. Pretty good. I might sell one of them off to a friend as I don't really see a need for 3 pairs.


I like the idea of a side-step to be honest. The thing is, I was satisfied with the sound quality of the PL50 but the signature did not seem ideal for me. I'm  hoping the Xears or Playaz will provide me with what I'm looking for.


The Meelec M6 look really nice as well. Will definitely have a look at them in the near future :D 

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That Playaz deal looks good. Let us know what ya think about them. If they're as good as people say, you may be set for a while.


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