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Wrong thread!

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Your comments about the iPod Touch 4G remind me a lot about the 2009 iPod Classic HPO signature. So it seems that the iPhone is still on a league of his own SQ wise.


I like a lot my Classic amped with a T3 but it's HPO being good is not as amazing as my iPhone one.

Originally Posted by ANDYACE View Post

I have just bought an ipod touch 4g (8g) because when i upgraded the remote 2 on my iphone 3g, it was really buggy and I also wanted a nice retina display and smaller formfit to use in bed, when listening to my HD650s through an AX.


After reading this post on my new ipod touch I decided to do a little bit of a sound comparison between the iphone 3g and new ipodtouch 4g.  


The sound source was the armin van buren state of trance podcast 137, using  HD555 & px200 phones.


The iphone 3g definitely has more bass than the ipod touch with the HD555, the kick drum pounds through especially on track 3, with a much deeper and impacting bass. The bass is much duller on the ipod touch. For this sort of music and listening with the HD555 phones, there is no way you would prefer the ipod touch 4G.   There is also a digital edge to the ipod touch, a digital  type sound. On the plus side for the new ipod touch is that there does seem to be a clearer mid to high end and slightly better spatial separation.


Next I tried the PX200 closed headphone for a more portable use (Which also uses different impedance). Once again there is less bass so I figure it must have a puny headphone amp compared with the iphone 3g.  There is a bright sound to it, plus a harsh digital edge.  Mids are to sharp. It does sound a little clearer but just doesnt have a musical signature to it. Iphone 3g is definitely much better.


I decided not to test the apple ear buds as I really only use them with my ipod shuffle when I go running or cycling. To me the Iphone 3G wins hands down compared to the ipod Touch 4G.  I had to put the touch down after a few minutes whereas with the iphone I could listen for a long time.  I havent heard an iphone 4 but I assume it must have a better headphone amp than the ipod Touch. My concern with the ipod touch was the "digital edge" sonic signature, which might be the onboard DAC. 


I then listened to the podcast on my HD650 and Firestone Libby Headphone AMP/DAC from an AX and I have to say that the iphone 3g and Sennheiser HD555 is tremendous value, particularly when you can walk about listening to music (even if u look like a tool). If you can pick up a secondhand 3G with good battery life and a pair of 555's you have amazing portable audio at a really good price.









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Had iPhone 4 for a few days..


Might be a faulty device also (but if not this is definately a big failure in design and sound quality), but connected to car audio gives a very annoying extra noise, some kind of hiss. Cars engine is not running. When put on pause, noise level will degenerate after a few seconds (closing amps?), hiss/noise can be heard easily on the playback time also. When display is on noise is a little bit higher. Car audio setup: some JVC upper class head unit, portable connected rca's on back of the head unit, DLS big three amp, DLS MS6 speakers, MTX 7104 in 20 liter closed closure.


No noise on iPhone 3GS, iPod Nano (first or second gen, not sure, about four years old), SonyEricsson X1. So should not be any kind of car audio related issue. 


No noise/hiss on earphones.


Any similar issues, or should I take the iPhone to a service?

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Are you turning the volume to at least 90%? If on low volumes, you may be amping a low signal to noise.

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The volume issue may be it. Also check the volume limiter on the iPhone. 

You did not say what connection you were using. Our volume raising suggestions assume a min to rca cable. I am using a mini to min cable into an aux input of a stock toyota radio in my company car with no problems. Have you tried a line-out to rca cable? This might not only resolve the issue but may also improve sound quality a bit. 

Good luck. I know how annoying it is to not have the sound you want as you drive. 

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Just wanted to pitch my opinion about the SQ of the iphone 4 after a few months use through a pair of JH13's.I got the JH13's in March, and i had been searching for the best source to drive them. I'm pretty strict in my rule of keeping my portable setup simple, so an amp was out of the question. I've tried the Zune 120, sansa clip, and Cowon D2+ with a variety of 320kbps mp3 and lossless (FLAC/WAV) files, all leaving me desiring more from the sound. Granted, I do realize that the worth of custom IEM's goes up when pairing them with the right amp and such, but I believed there had to be a player out there that could properly drive the JH13's. The iphone4 was the answer for me. there was finally a soundstage to be heard, the sound fleshed out beautifully and like many others have already pointed out the "3Dness" of the sound is very pleasing. i can certainly understand when people say the iphone 4 are good for driving higher impendance headphones. it feels good to take just one device on my commute as well

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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post

Are you turning the volume to at least 90%? If on low volumes, you may be amping a low signal to noise.

Volume always on full, car head unit adjust volume.


Connected via 3.5mm audio plug to RCA on head unit. Tested also on 3.5mm to 3.5mm aux connection on head unit. Same case. And no hiss/noise on other connected test units, eg. in iPhone 3G.

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You might also try Airplane mode, and turning WiFi off. I found that Wifi destroyed signal quality when used with an external amp via LOD or 3,5 cable and that is exactly what is being done with a car input.

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If this ^ doesn't work your phone is defective IMO.

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That said, I've never connected an iPhone 4 to anything, so I have no idea if it is a problem with the design, or just your unit, but I've not heard of this problem before. I hope it all works out for you.

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Tested already earlier with airplane mode (thought about that it's radio might do something).


I'll try to get in hand another unit.. Perhaps this unit is defective because I haven't found anyone else complining the same.

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You may need an isolation transformer on your audio cable, especially if you are using the phone with a power cable. Kensington has a tiny one, model K39203. There are many others at car audio stores.
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I has iphones, I likes it with TP10s. No blow my mind, but adequate. Tried with sr-71 and K701 briefly, dice is no there.  


EDIT: I try K701 longer, it actually not too bad at all. 

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Finally got an amp with LOD with the iphone 4. Huge difference.

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^ I just connect my amp to the headphone output, with the iphone's volume at one notch below max. Works well. 

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