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Seeking a new portable source

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My first post in this forum :) been passively reading here for quite some time..


As of now, I am using a rockboxed 2G sansa clip with Nuforce ne-7m IEMs.

A Fiio e5 amp, is currently on its way to me :)


Needless to say, coming from a not-so-audiophile background, I enjoy my rig's SQ alot, but unfortunately I can't squeeze a great deal of moods into 2GB, which kinda sucks as most of the time I'm in the mood for music that is not on my player...


I also own an iPhone 3G, which I'm sure would sound pretty good with an LOD and the Fiio e5, but as I'm serving in the military, it's not really an option (I can carry a cell-phone for a very limited time a day...).



Recently, I've been considering the following options (forgot to mention I'm also kinda on a budget, as the army barely pays soldiers around here ;) ):


8GB Sansa clip+ with a 16GB microSD (~$150) / a Fuze

(used) 60GB iPod 5G (~$120, also I'm not sure if the one I saw is the 5 or 5.5G)

one of the Zunes (which would leave me BROKE)

a used iPod nano 16GB


Well that's pretty much it.


I must add that most of my files are 320kbps MP3, so FLAC support would be nice but isn't a must...

Also I don't care whether the player has flash-based or HDD-based memory, as I don't plan to use it for running (I got my trust-worthy clip for that :) ).


Any input would be nice,



EDIT: P.S forgot to mention that I'm open to other suggestions, other than the 4 I have already mentioned..

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Firstly JonathanF, welcome to Head-Fi - and I'm very sorry about your wallet already. =)


If you're just going to use it for music - then the Clip+ would be a good choice.


While comparing flash and hdd is unfair - the 5G iPod will give you much more storage for your money and you can rockbox it too. =)


If going broke isn't an option, steer clear of the Zune line then.

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Just found a local deal on a 80GB 5.5G iPod classic, for a tad less than $100. It's a non passable deal? Or still are there any better options to consider?

And also, unable to purchase another amp, how would the ipod sound through a LOD and a fiio e5?

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I have an iPod Classic.


I don't really notice any change using the E5 and a LOD - but from people around here; I'd say it would be better?

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The iPod 5.5 80 Gb is a good choice, plus you can upgrade the hard drive to 240 Gb if you so choose.

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