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Need Recommendation

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Hey guys, my boyfriend is really into listening to his iPod and he's been using the original Apple earbuds. I wanna get him some over the ear headphones and hopefully he'll like it! Can you guys help me please?


He listens to rap and hip hop only. Artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, Young Money, Drake, T.I., Lil Jon, Lil Wayne, etc. He especially likes the heavy bass sound. I know that in his car are a bunch of subwoofers too so I'm sure he will appreciate a headphone that delivers awesome bass.


My budget is $400-500 USD at max. Thanks guys! <3

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Have you considered the Beats Studio by Dr. Dre? They do not get much love around here because the price to performance ratio is not great but I think he might think the brand and design more than make up for it. Good luck! :)

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Sony XB700? 

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Or maybe some Ultrasones.  They also look pretty sweet, and are known for their bass.

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Originally Posted by joelpearce View Post

Or maybe some Ultrasones.  They also look pretty sweet, and are known for their bass.

They don't work too well with an iPod. At least the HFI-780 don't.

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The Beats are generally considered a poor value unless you really like their style.  Decent headphones but, the dre name carries about a 100% premium.


The Sony XB700s are considered a good value if you're looking for fun instead of accuracy, and your idea of fun is a ton of bass.  The look ridiculous though, so it may not be an option to wear in public, like the beats, unless your boyfriend doesn't give a crap what anyone else thinks.


Phiaton is also worth considering.  These ones bring more bass than the beats, have noise canceling too, and are a little cheaper.

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I like the Shure 1540, V-Moda M100, Sennheiser Momentum, Denon AH D2000, Logitech UE9000, and Beyerdynamic DT 770 and Custom One Pro all for the Genre you just mentioned. Any one of those would be great choices, in my opinion.

Haha. Just saw how old this thread was.. nevermind me.. :P

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