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MK1634GAL iPod Classic 6th Gen (NEWEST GEN!) hard drive

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I purchased this drive, not knowing that it doesn't work in the iAudio X5. Took off some of the foam padding, but I will include in the shipping and the enclosures. Basically new, only tested to see if it'd work once. Spins up, just incompatible. These drives are really hard to find, so I think a fair price would be $75 plus shipping. Am very flexible on that price, however. Please PM me if you have any offers!



Should've noticed the iPod logo :(. I'd like to get rid of this ASAP to get a compatible drive, so will consider any offers!

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Bump! Taking any offers!

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PM me the size of the harddisk?

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I overestimated the price of these. Price drop!

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Is the drive still available ?

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hey do you still have this hard drive?

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Is this Toshiba HD still for sale?

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