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Hello Everyone,


Speakers:   AudioEngine A5


Receiver:  Yamaha RX-V467BL 5.1 Channel 525 Watt AV Receiver



I am in need of help hooking up my Audioengine A5 speakers to my receiver then hooking them to my computer.


First things first, my Emu0404 in the picture will not connect to my receiver I also heard the drivers are not compatible with Windows 7,


Anyway I am searching for a sound card for my system, I am using this to edit and possibly do some sound design in Garage Band, I will also be gaming on the side so perhaps any card with EAX would help...although it's not my priority.



Cards I have looked at buying:


Soundcard: HT | OMEGA Claro Halo XT PCI Interface Sound Card


Also I am not sure what cords to run to connect my PS3, Wii, Receiver to my computer / HDTV....


I am assuming if I connect everything to my receiver....then to my computer, that run an HDMI from my video card to my HDTV I might get sound.


I am really confused on how the routing would begin...


So I guess it's...


PC, Wii, PS3, Speakers > Receiver > Television / Monitor


Pictures are below, please help! :-)








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