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What are some really old but good albums?

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I'm looking to expand my music tastes, but the oldest thing I've listened to is Pink Floyd. I'm down with a lot of genres, my tastes can go from the Trans Siberian Orchestra to Radiohead to Black Sabbath, so reccomend me anything you enjoy. :D

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I think it really depends on the genre you want to get into. I think you were to recommend a genre your interested in getting more into or even a specific time period, you'd get better answers. :)


So could you be more specific? "Old" could be defined in quite a few ways.


If I might just throw out something on the Pink Floyd note, check out Eye In The Sky by the Alan Parsons Project or Foxtrot by Genesis. Or, on the Black Sabbath note, check out Machine Head by Deep Purple and Rising by Rainbow. All excellent albums, just going on what you've already heard, these are "next" steps, hope this helps. sp70.

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Thanks, I'm mostly talking about anything around Pink Floyd or older as far as timeframe goes. Also I should specify, they don't necessarily have to be albums, just looking for some nice music =)

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that's pretty hard.

i was going to make a clever post by limiting myself to 60's british bands, because your point of reference was floyd.

well...  i was typing out a list, and it was getting into the dozens.  too daunting.


so, i'll just make a concise list of maybe 5 albums that i consider "must hear" from that era.

and i'll try to avoid the obvious - the beatles, the rolling stones, the who, led zeppelin.

if you haven't heard those bands, please log off now and immediately put your hands on some of their music.


here are the 5 less obvious, that i think sound "of their time", and are wonderful albums:


1.  the zombies:  odessey and oracle (psychedelic brith pop with gorgeous vocals) 1968

2.  the pretty things:  s.f. sorrow (trippy psychedelic rock.  first "rock opera" committed to tape) 1968

3.  the moody blues:  days of future past (orchestral pop.  features a few hits you may know from the radio) 1967

4.  the kinks:  the kinks are the village green preservation society (pastoral and lovely, and very "british" sounding) 1968

5.  the jeff beck group:  truth (early hard rock with bluesy edge) 1968

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Bob Dylan: Bringing it all Back Home, John Wesley Harding


Thelonious Monk: Monk's Dream


Glenn Gould: Goldberg Variations


Al Green: Let's Stay Together


Duke Ellington/John Coltrane: Duke Ellington & John Coltrane


Various Artists: Anthology of American Folk Music


Louis Armstrong/Ella Fitzgerald: Ella and Louis






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Originally Posted by joincoolkidclub View Post


Glenn Gould: Goldberg Variations


This is just excellent.  And I am not much of a classical person, but I know in every genra, excellent music is what it is, excellent.  

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I don't know how old you want PF big time was 73-79 releases


I just list some stuff some old some not as old it could also just serve as a list of artists/groups to look into.

How about try listening to some samples on the net find out what you like.





Creedence Clearwater Revival -Cosmo's Factory 1970   -they have several other good ones.

Roy Orbison In Dreams -Greatest Hits 1987 -great new recordings of his old hits

So many GH out there gotta make it clear.

Uriah Heep -Look At Yourself   1971
Uriah Heep -Magician's Birthday 1972
Scorpions -Virgin Killer 1976
Scorpions -Taken By Force 1978
UFO -Obsession  1978
Judas Priest -Sad Wings Of Destiny 1976  (if on CD get Repertoire label version)
Judas Priest -Stained Class 1978
Blue Oyster Cult -Blue Oyster Cult 1972
Blue Oyster Cult -Tyranny and Mutation 1973
Stevie Ray Vaughan -Texas Flood -1983
Rainbow -Long Live Rock N Roll -1978
Deep Purple -In Rock  1970
Van Halen -Van Halen 1978
George Thorogood & The Destroyers -Bad To The Bone 1982
Tom Waits -Rain Dogs 1985
Rush -Hemispheres 1978
Saxon -Denim and Leather 1981
Ten Years After -SSSSH 1969
Electric Light Orchestra -Face The Music 1975

Iron Maiden -Piece Of Mind -1983

Jethro Tull -Aqualung 1971

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Originally Posted by mibutenma View Post

Blue Oyster Cult -Blue Oyster Cult 1972
Blue Oyster Cult -Tyranny and Mutation 1973

nice to see someone with some taste. 

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For someone looking to expand their experience, I would start with some basic "greatest album" lists like The Rolling Stone 500 or Time 100 for example. Sure, one can nitpick any list; still they are a good place to start and full of referential albums; albums that any professed music fan should hear at least once.

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So many, some that I listened to:


Johnny Winter
Rick Derringer
Head East
The Animals
The Yardbirds
Blind Faith
Mott The Hoople
Jimi Hendrix
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Lou Reed
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
King Crimson
The Hollies
The Beach Boys
Grateful Dead
The Jeff Beck Group
Ted Nugent
The Moody Blues
The Mamas & The Papas
Fleetwood Mac
T. Rex
Simon & Garfunkel
Cheap Trick
David Bowie
The Doobie Brothers
Steely Dan
Grand Funk Railroad
The Allman Brothers Band
Derek & The Dominos
Lucifer's Friend
Neil Young
Procol Harum
Robin Trower
Steve Miller Band

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From late 60s to early 70s, I really like:


Frank Zappa - Hot Rats

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds Of Fire


I guess good production helps, but both don't sound like they're wedded to any kind of generation or generally sound old or outdated at all.

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There's and old band named "The cars" (their best single: Drive) or you can also try Benjamin orr. 

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Originally Posted by winma View Post

(their best single: Drive)

Surely you meant to type "worst" there. :) First two albums (The Cars and Candy-O) were much better.

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Originally Posted by inego View Post

Surely you meant to type "worst" there. :) First two albums (The Cars and Candy-O) were much better.

What you mean? They succeeded with that song! It was from their best album "Heartbeat City". 

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Totally disagree with you on both points - most commercially successful is not always best musically. But then I prefer "new wave" to "80s gloss"

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