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Options to Superfi.5 eb

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I'm new to the forum and I've been looking around but could not find all the info I need.

I'm a basshead and basically listen to thrash metal/death metal, but like good quality IEMs.

First I was wondering about buying the superfi eb, but read around that the bass of it is overwhelming and there would be other options.

The thing for me is, I want IEMs that give me good sound isolation due to the fact that I normaly listen to music or radio news on the streets or public transportation and also like some emphasis on the bass.

Searching on ebay...the average price of the ebs surround U$140,00. I wouldn't like to spend much more than that.

What options do I have? Could you guide me to reviews about the suggestions?


Thanks a lot

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If you are looking for good powerful bass as well as quite balanced sound, have a look at the Fischer Audio Eterna or Hippo VB.

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Thanks a lot for the help, Photofan

Seems to me that the Hippo VB is the best choice for my taste.

The only thing is I'm having a hard time finding it on ebay, since I'm not from US.

Anyways, I'll keep on checking for the following days..


Thanks once more.

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You're welcome :)


You can buy them here :

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