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Sansa Fuze vs Sansa Clip+?

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Really, is there much of a difference besides video support and bigger screen on the Fuze?

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Double post, meant to hit edit

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Fuze has far better UI.  SQ is nearly the same.  The Fuze sounds warmer compared to the (original) Clips we have around the house.  They both sound GREAT to be sure.

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Obviously the Clip+ is tiny and more portable and convenient.

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I have a Fuze, and wish I had gotten the Clip. I don't use it for photos or vids, nor do I look at the screen while playing music, so the additional size doesn't come with any benefit for me. The interface is better, I guess, but I'm sure the Clip interface is fine. I have to hold the Fuze when walking around in my underwear. 


It's still a really nice player and I'm sticking with it. I'll get the Clip when the next gen rolls around, though. 

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I would say get the fuze, because you can then use an LOD.

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I had them both for a while but i sold my fuze and still have the clip+. I never did any A/B comparisons to see how they were different but they did not sound very different to me. The sansa firmware navigation sucks for both of them. I used rockbox on both and it was both very good. The Fuze wins out for better extras such as themes, fonts, etc since it does have the bigger screen. The clip+ is limited with themes and fonts due to the smaller screen. I liked them both but stopped using the fuze so often once I got the clip+ since I did not need to. If you want a bigger screen or easier scrolling (wheel vs holding down a button) then go for the fuze. If not then go for the clip+.

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If you plan on looking at the screen get the fuze.  If not, get the clip+.

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