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WTS: Monster Turbine Pro Coppers

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monster-turbine-pro-coppers.jpegUp for sales is a barely used pair of Monster Turbine Pro Coppers.  I purchase them new form approximatley 1 month ago.  I am selling them because I do not find them comfortable.  They have less than 10 hours play time on them.  The price is $165 + insured shipping (CONUS only please) OBO.



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What a great price!!!
i would buy them if international shipping provied....

Anyway good luck for sale

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I'd buy them straightaway had it been international :( 

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Sale pending.

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If you don't mind me asking why are you selling them so cheap?

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He probably got them during the Dell sale where they were around $180 new, with full warranty and all.

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Well he said he said he bought them from earphonessolutions thought.

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cant wait till i get to try them out...thanks again!

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Are these sold?

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I would have  bought these straight away had this been international :(

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Sold yet? Interested in trade and cash for Shure SRH840? PM me if so.


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