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Audiologist recommendation Sydney (Parramatta) Australia

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Hello All,


If anyone is looking for an Audiologist in Sydney, Australia to take some ear impressions for Custom IEM's, I'd like to recommend Peter Russel at iHear (www.ihear.com.au) in Parramatta.


I had an appointment with Peter Russell from iHear to get some molds made for my JHAudio JH16's.  When I made the appointment I sent over the JHAudio ear Impression Guide, and when I arrived for my appointment I was surprised to see that he had read them and knew what I wanted in detail.  He told me that he hadn't done impressions past the 2nd bend of the ear for many years as no hear aids need impressions that deep but he'd be happy to do them.


To cut a long story short, he took my right ear impression 3 times because he wanted to make sure they were perfect and he wasn't perfectly happy with the first 2.  Left ear was fine the first time.  


The impressions were provided in an ear impressions cardboard box and everything was good. 


All in all the appointment went for about 45 minutes (meant to be 30 but due to the extra two impressions it took longer) and they charged $60.  


I received my JH16's 3 days ago and have spent the best part of this weekend with them in my ears and they seem to fit perfectly.


So I'd like to thank Peter Russell at iHear and say that if anyone in Sydney Australia is looking for somewhere to get some impressions done, then give iHear a call (www.ihear.com.au) - iHear has a number of clinics, I can only vouge for Peter Russell at iHear Parramatta.


Hope this info is helpful to someone.




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Hey cyeoh - This might be a bit late, but I've decided to get my impressions done at that place thanks to you!

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That's great.


I'd be curious to know how you go, and if your experience was similar to mine.




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hi, im in Sydney as well and want to make my first custom earphone :D
How much does it cost you for the postage (2 ways shipment) ?


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Cost of postage?  I can't remember.  It's was a negligible amount compared to the cost of the actual earphones.....


Earphones - $1300

Postage - about $10...  wasn't really a consideration = P 

Also you don't send it 2 way.  You send them the ear molds they send you the earphones.



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oh really, 

So its really cheap for the shipment, i though it must be around $100 or so.

How many day it takes u to get the earphones 

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Few weeks,  Can't really recall the exact time frame.  Lead time depends on demand and other factors.  Check out the website of the company you're buying them from.  If you are going JH, contact Britney, she's extremely responsive.

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You might want to add your thoughts to this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/440466/the-audiologists-impressions-thread-pun-most-definitely-intended


Good to hear about the perfect fit!

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Well this really helps. Thanks for the information

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Just rang them and left a message.

Hope Peter is still with them :)

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Got my impressions done Thursday from Peter.

Awesome guy and great service, you can tell he really likes what he does and he is quite knowledgable with impressions and such.

Two years after the OP, the impressions are now $65.

Highly recommended from me as well.


Much better experience than with other Audiologist I've encountered.

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I can vouch for him too.


I've been to two other audiologists in Sydney, but this guy takes the most care, and is pretty knowledgable about iems.


He has a lot of patience and experienced too



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I wonder would he make those soft silicone custom tips

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Give him a call and ask.


Originally Posted by mrAdrian View Post

I wonder would he make those soft silicone custom tips

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Been a while since I visited this thread but am happy to see that others are having the same experience as me!

My JH16's are over two years old now and, even though they are expensive, are probably one of the best investments I've made.
I went from Shure S5c's to Shure SE210's to Shure SE530's, and it would have just kept happening spending money to get ones a little better . So I bought the best I could get and now I've stopped looking!
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