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Hi all,

While doing a bit of research on cross-coupled gain stages, I came across this page. About halfway down, it has an electrostatic headphone amp circuit that I have never seen referenced here (head-fi) or on any headcase forum about DIY electrostatic headphone amps. All the parts are cheap and readily available, and you can easily use it with the standard gilmore PSU, so it should make a fairly simple build. Does anyone have any experience with it?



 ...We ought to have a proper BOM, FAQ, suggested online material resources, suggested prior reading,  suggested build techniques, and suggested small signal/amp design reading.

I like the idea, and wouldn't mind helping out.


CoffeeCutie, that is a nice looking design. 

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What a find!  This is way smaller than the KGSSHV or even KGST I was prepping to plunge into.  The waffling around the internet, nomadically looking for a quad of matched FETs...........   :)  I may need to try this amp regardless if it works- I don't need to "Go Gilmore" and be "Totally TOTL" just yet.    


Also, I am working on the BOM.  It just has the basics right now, like anti stat cleaner gel/proper mylar, stuff to electro etch a solid copper ES plate at home...  (check this! https://youtu.be/jEnNMTMZadw  A nice DIYer clued me in on this process yesterday.  Not my reed valve project, but what a result!) 


Also Also- I built a PLANAR magnetic variant in sketchup.  Fits standard 6mm / 1/4in bar magnets, compatible with copper-etched adhesives on membranes or copper clad other stuff....  Everything is color coded for printing in the model.   Just download it into sketchup and move the part groups apart by editing the component.  ;)





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There are simpler amps, if that's what you're looking for. There's the Nov. '99 Tubecad amp (the one at the beginning of this thread) and the Egmont. There's also Frank's modified egmont (the image below) and the stax SRX, both about as complex as the july '06 tubecad design I linked.

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Thanks, some of these drifted away from my vision as got into the build notes on the bigger KG designs.  The one listed with the PSU by Wachara early on is the one I’ll likely stick to.  SRX and Egmont are ones I hadn’t read too far into, but that modified Egmont looks mighty fine…  


Here is my first draft for build notes and stator/planar ideas.  (PDF)

ElectrostatsandPlanarsESeasymate.pdf 1,070k .pdf file


I was trying to figure out a way others could contribute, so here is the google doc: https://docs.google.com/a/sulliwood.org/document/d/1_1AkN3KnrESZfbDrfN6DpRlXQUB4fQQHtL2wuN_hba8/edit?usp=sharing


 ...I tried to keep the writing style light...  Cheers!  

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