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Happy new year to you too.


The tennis racquet analogy is better than my expression “wire docks”. :bigsmile_face:


Well, this was my first drawing:



I just do not know what is better. The way to find out is to prototype both and to assess their performance.

A mesh seems more rigid, but it is also more complex to sew and to apply tension. I speculate that it would interfere with the optimal stator/diaphragm gap, produce different acoustical reflections etc. The hardened steel wire project I have read had only the vertical axis.


I think the idea is compatible to square, rectangular, oval or circular stators. I just do not know what the performances of each one of those formats are.


And, chinsettawong, please forgive me for disturbing the thread. I know you are always encouraging people to build the transducers with readily available materials, but I just wanted share my thoughts about this exotic fiber…

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Hi jgazel,


I think you have a wonderful idea.  Just try it and let us know how it goes.  :L3000:


Happy New Year!


Wachara C.

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Originally Posted by urlgr-A View Post


How about threading a circular or oval stator design in the same way that a tennis racquet is strung? 



Not exactly a mesh. 
The vertical axis, which is more distant, applies lower force to the diaphragm. 
Space between conductors is decreased in the edges of the stator. The edge conductors could also be closer to the diaphragm if the guiding holes are perforated accordingly.

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The mesh has to be very fine...since you have wires going in both directions, they overlap a little and so parts of the wire mesh are closer to the diaphragm and have more influence on the total force.  That's why wire stators are usually only in one direction, so there's no overlapping and all parts of the wire are an equal distance to the diaphragm.

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There is no point in leaving a hole in the middle of the stator, IMO.
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Hi all. Time for an update and question on my glacial-paced project. This is part of the first stator.


Each stator  consists of a perforated sheet (cut from a microwave oven door), supported and held flat by a PVC ring and a star frame made from 2 mm square brass tube.


My question is, does it matter if the star is electrically connected to the perforated sheet? Or is it better to isolate them from one another? They need to be joined in some way because the brass star and outer ring serve to keep the stator material as flat as possible.



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That stator certainly looks nice.  The brass star is OK to be electrically connected to the perforated sheet.  No problem!


Wachara C.

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