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Hows the durabilitty of the cable on the 580's?
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Great. It's very thick and built to last.

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A short review for people seeking more info:


After listening to them for a few weeks, I am pleased to say that I enjoy my 580s very much.  They are without a doubt a very colored, fun headphone.  I was worried about the mids being covered by the bass, but have not found that to be the case.  I believe that this is in part because of S-logic technology.  I didn't hear surround sound, but very good stereo with wonderful instrument separation Bass is very punchy, impactful, and deep.  Mids are clear, while not completely natural(say as sr80). I like a warm sound, and these are too bright in the highs for me. In the recording of Otis Redding's Satisfaction, I found the horns to be shrill and too high. The song was still enjoyable. I will definitely keep my v6s around for best accuracy, but these will be my main HP. Helped me discover good electronic music.  Comfortable for me.


Summary: A colored, while still clear, headphone.  Bright. Wonderful bass and clear mids. Great instrument separation. I am pleased.


Notes: "Satisfaction" was ripped as FLAC. No HP amp used. Onboard DAC.


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