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Review: Meelectronics M9

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Introduction: Hey guys! This is going to be my first detailed review so be easy on me...forget that, I want all the constructive criticism I can get! Anyways. I'm a young audiophile who has grown a boundless addiction for great sound. I'm only in high school right now so it's quite a challenge for me to test high-end headphones like you guys. Therefore most of my reviews will be on low to mid end headphones.


Company Info: Meelectronics is a new company that produces some of the best headphones for the price. From my experience, they have some of the best costumer service. Their website can be found here


Product: Meelectronics M9 without iPhone microphone


Price: Retail:$30 I bought mine of Amazon for $20



  • Driver: 9mm driver
  • Frequency Range: 20 – 20000Hz
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Connector: 3.5mm gold plated
  • Cable Length: 1.4m(4.6ft)


Equipment Used:

  • My custom-built desktop with a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium sound card
  • 32GB 3rd generation iPod touch
  • Fiio E5 amplifier


Packaging and Accessories: The packaging is a nice, clear plastic box. Not hard to open and gets the job done. When it comes to accessories, there is only one thing I can say, wow. Meelectronics gives you quite a lot of goodies for $30. The box includes the headphones themselves, 4 extra pairs of tips, 3 varying size pairs of single-flange tips, and an extra pair of bi-flanges making it a total of 5 pairs of tips. A very nice case is included, the case also has a little pocket on the inside for storage of items such as extra tips. An airline adapter, a cord wrapper, and a shirt-clipper is also included. The accessories themselves could retail for $15+, the generosity of Meelectronics is just amazing.



Build Quality: The M9's are built very well; the housings are made of aluminum and are very lightweight The cable is a very nice braided cable that is coated in a clear plastic/rubber substance. The stress relief is a 45 degree plug which is the best type of plug for those who carelessly wrap their earphones around their mp3 players. The plug is coated in gold to insure the best connectivity. The only thing I did not like was the filter used on the housings. The paper filter is not very durable and both of mine came off with no way of replacing them. I would have liked a wire mesh filter much more.




Isolation: The M9's do a slightly-above average job at isolation, I believe this is due to the vent holes in the back of the housings. They are good enough for bus rides, walking, etc. However they will not isolate enough for loud activities, say mowing a lawn. There is very little to no microphonics when the shirt clip is used. The earphones are very comfortable, they are one of the few IEM's that I can wear comfortably while laying sideways on my pillow.


Sound Signature: I had ran 150 hours of burn-in time using pink noise and frequency sweep files.

  • Bass: The bass is the strongest point of the m9's. Before burn-in, the bass was very boomy, and crept into the mids even the highs. However, after the burn-on, the bass cleaned up significantly. The bass is now more controlled and has great depth and body. The bass has moved from being boomy to being more tight,punchy sounding. The bass is very smooth and can be very deep.
  • Midrange: The mids are decent, but nothing too special. The mids lack compared to the bass, but they are still very smooth. Even though they are behind the bass in comparison, they are still very enjoyable.
  • Highs: The highs are very good, better than the mids but still behind the bass in comparison. The high's have an incredible extension for the price and are very sparkley. They are very clear and have surprising amounts of detail but can get a little harsh. However the harshness is not very noticeable when your working out, running, etc.
  • Soundstage: The soundstage was quite surprising for an IEM. I thought the headphones were very airy sounding and that there were definite separations between the instruments. The soundstage makes these headphones very enjoyable.
  • Conclusion: These headphones are not analytical, but are very fun sounding, they have very good bass, sparkley highs.



  • Five Magics by Megadeth: The m9's due a fantastic job with this song. The bass intro sounds amazing. The cymbals sound very detailed however can get harsh, especially with an increase in volume.
  • Anonanimal by Andrew Bird: One word, AMMMMMMAAAAAAAZZZZZIIIIIIINGGGGG. The song just utilizes the bass and the highs of the M9's in an indescribable way. The violin sounds crystal clear, the bass is great. I believe this song is great for testing out headphones.
  • Big Poppa by The Notorious B.I.G: Sounds very good however for some reason I wanted more bass quality.
  • Better Together by Jack Johnson: An acoustic song that shows the surprising detail of the M9's. The acoustic guitar and the vocals just shined with the M9's.


Amped vs. Unamped: Amplification of these earphones will most likely not a make huge difference due to the fact these earphones are relatively easy to drive because of its 16 ohm impedance. With the Fiio E5, I did not notice any huge differences in sound.


Comparisons: The M9's are one of the best, if not the best headphones in the sub $30 category. They easily beat my modded JVC Marshmalllows, Skullcandies, and my V-moda Bass Freq's. When compared to stock earphones, haha, I guess you already know. The M9's even beat out headphones that are much more expensive. Compared to my Ultimate Ears 3's, the bass of the M9's are greatly superior, the highs are also better. Th

e only thing the Ultimate Ears does better is the midrange. My Shure SE110's are inferior to the M9

's even though they cost up to seven times more than the M9's, the bass on the Shures are muddy compared to the bass of the M9's. The clarity is also inferior to that of the M9's.


Conclusion: The M9's are a great budget pair of earphones that one should consider when looking at headphones in the sub $50 range. They are a great value for $30, they are incredible value with all the goodies and extras you receive. They have unmatched bass for the price. They also boast great, clear highs. The only thing bad about them is the slightly recessed mids and that no one really knows about Meelectronics.



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What about without E5? People would be interested to know that as well I suppose.  For those who don't have an amp or the amp, there would be false expectations regarding buying these IEM's.


Great review. Your phone collection is not bad at all for a high school student. You can easily be qualified to be called an audiophile among people your age.

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Very good review. You picked up on most of the things I have found with the M9's. It's amazing they can be had for about $25.

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Originally Posted by kingpage View Post

What about without E5? People would be interested to know that as well I suppose.  For those who don't have an amp or the amp, there would be false expectations regarding buying these IEM's.


Great review. Your phone collection is not bad at all for a high school student. You can easily be qualified to be called an audiophile among people your age.

Ok, I put in a new section, Amped vs Unamped

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Dangit, I need to find out how to turn off the time code on my camera.

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Thanks for the review :)


I have not had the opportunity to check the new-cable M9s yet (I'm going to do in the following weeks, though) and it's interesting to see other's views.


The paper filters worry me. Let's see how mine will work.

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I've been enjoying my silver M9 for about 3 months now.  At high volume (and too much EQ), they can be harsh in the highs and boomy in the bass, but unamped at perfectly flat EQ on both my Fuze and older Zune 30gb, they are excellent.  And the cable really is stellar for a $30 phone.


SQ-wize, comparing to the RE0, they have 90+% of the details of the RE0 (but not the smooth politeness of the RE0), and a wider, more airy soundstage than the RE0.  I listen to the RE0 for involved and careful listening -- I listen to the M9 for fun!!

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