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Replacement for Shure e3c's?

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My e3c's which I've used for about 6 or 7 years finally conked out...I pulled on the cord a little too hard and separated it from one of the earpieces.


So I'm looking for a replacement...would prefer to spend $200 or less.  Not sure which model is more comparable, the se210 or se310?


I'm not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination but always liked the e3c's and want something with a nice crisp sound.  I'm not looking for super boomy bass, just something pretty accurate.  I listen to a lot of electronic music that has thumping bass which can be a little overbearing.


Ability to add in phone mic capabilities is a plus but not a huge deal.


So which shure model would you recommend and other brands / models that are comparably priced that I should be looking at?


Thanks in advance.



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I would say buy a used se530. If you Like the e3c you should love these.
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Thanks for the reply.


I think I would prefer to get something new.  And the 530's are probably way more than what I need.


My budget is probably more like $150...would spend $200 if necessary but $150 would be ideal.

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I have listened to SE210 for a couple hours and was not impressed with them. They were my buddie's so the burn-in was not the problem. I also had SCL3, which I am told is same as E3C, and going to SE210 looked more like downgrading. Various reviews I have read around the internet suggests the same. 


Can not comment on the SE310 as I have not had the chance to try them.


I hear a lot of good things about RE0 and Klipsch S4. You might want to check them out

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Thanks for the reply.  Seems like the 210 aren't what I'm looking for.


I should add that an over the ear model is preferable and I like the foam sleeves.  The RE0's which everyone seems to recommend don't go over the ear, right?  The Klipsch look like over the ear models.


Maybe the 310s are the answer.

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They can go over the ear if desired. Any earphone can go over the ear but some are designed to go over the ear.

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Yes 310's are better than 210 but I still think they are overpriced. They are around $300 in Canada.


The only thing I don't like about 310 (can't comment on 310's sound quality because I only had them on for about 2 minutes) is that they are kinda long and stick out. This will be especially noticeable for you because E3C/SCL3  is low profile but 310 protrudes a bit whether worn upside or right side up. Don't know if little aesthetics are of concern to you.

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I would also like to recommend the RE0s. I replaced my E4Cs with them and have been happy. Hard for me to do a good A/B since the right ear is dead on the E4Cs but the RE0s have better clarity and from my memory as good if not better soundstage. 


Only downside is that the isolation on the RE0s is nowhere near the Shures.

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Try Klipsch Custom 3's

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