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I used the attentuators with my Hiface to great success. I ended up with 10db at Hiface end and 15db at the DAC end. What I noticed most was a deeper soundstage, more "air" around instruments and a more relaxed sound from my DAC. Brushes and cymbals took on a much more realistic sound, a lot closer to analog.Then i went completely craxy and mounted my Hiface inside my DAC connecting it directly to pcb, thus eliminating the RCA/BNC/Cable dilemma!!! So....    now I have 3 attentuators I'm not using. A 6db, a 10db, and a 15db.

If anyone can use them and wants to have them, send me a PM.

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Anyone know how these devices fair on the Mac? Are there issues? I've started a thread here.
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1.DIY MOD First time






M2tech Hiface DIY MODer From Taiwan(Country on the Earth)




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^Great post! very informative and detailed! This will automatically go to my diy archive for further reference!

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Can you provide any details on the second mod you did? I want to identify what some of those boards are that you used... what are the dual crystal boards achieving?
Any information would be appreciated.
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Great job.  L3000.gif


Could you describe the things you've done for those of us who are not so electronically inclined.





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The first mod why was unsuccesful? The Adum4160 module is not works with HiFace?

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