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L> IEMS that are durable and good quality under 100

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well like the title says im looking for some IEMS that are durable and have good quality sound

i dont know which to get here are some of the music i listen to:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf1TYzUOjfk (KPOP)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf1TYzUOjfk (KPOP)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH-T3V9EC5s (rock)

and some chinese music to like jay chou and stuff

but yea i have some upbeat tec and dance and stuff and then some calming music but nothing too metal and stuff


so which IEM would you recommend under 100


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This might be interesting for you.

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A bit early to start recommending an earphone with an August (at best) release date which noone has heard, no? 

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i need it by about before july 10

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i know you guys are going to hate me for this but please dont flame me and hate me for this  im not a true audiophile but i do enjoy and respect great sound


but here it goes(takes a deep breath)

i know these are over powered by bass but i love how they look






and/or (since i just love how it looks should i just get these)



(seems kind of sketchy with the ? marks lol but its sold by monster


again please dont flame me for this.

(if you can find another pair of headphones(IEMs unless they are headphones[full] look real good) that have better quality but yet still look good please do)


1 thing i hate about headphones[full] is it messes up my gelled hair lol im asian i need to gel it lol




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anyone please i know you probably not responding because of the thing i posted but please answer quickly i have to get headphones in time for my trip to hong kong on the 16th of july i need something to listen to while reading a SAT book

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not really, just give yourself some time. Maybe people can't recommend you. I am confused, you say you want IEMS in the tittle but you send us pictures of headphones. you do say it, but I don't really get it. 

and these are a lil above your budget. If you want cool looking phones, try stretching yourself to monster turbines (not coppers or golds, just turbines) I think they look great, have huge bass, which actually is pretty good, but compromise on mids and heights. 


My other recommendation would be Westone 1 for durability, their cable is superdurable ( i have the same on um2) and really soft+ the black look is really cool. 

Another thing that has come to my mind is Hippo VB, check those out as well. 


If headphones, check px200-II out, I really like the way they look and it's quite a bit better looking than the original. Another tip would be AKG k518DJ. They all have a different sound, so you better read up on them a little, I was just firing out what ocurred to me with durability/ quality and that price. 

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Probably the Monster Turbine Pro Gold if you can get it on eBay for under $150.


Or perhaps the HiFiMAN RE-ZERO? Judging from impressions and reviews, they seem to be pretty good.

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the Re-ZERO can throw some off balance with the balanced jack, with is, if you are unamped, a pain to carry.

the pro gold are a really great choice of you can stretch, new are expensive, second hand would be fine but... I would be afraid of fakes in case of eBay. 

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Got RE0s (Not to be confused with RE-'Zero') - whilst I can't comment on sound comparatively, personally I think they look better than all other IEMs for its simplicity - albeit if Fang never meant it to look that great. Monster's aesthetics are just too gaudy, they produce stuff that says 'Mug me!' - also, while ranting, Dre's Beat's also look over-the-top, with its glossy plastic and shape.


*Plus RE0's are nearly half the price

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but yea right now its a battle between the BEATS and the BEATS solo or the Turbines but there all so expensive can some one find a cheap one for me

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Beware of fakes, my friend... Turbines and monsters are popular faked earphones. Turbines as in coppers or simply turbines? 

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i dont know thats why i need your help and help to not get scamed ill prob buy it from amazon or something unless ebay is legit and cheap

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C751 or C710


denon-ah-c751-silver-379x379.jpg Denon%20AH-C710_silver-thumb-500x375-89924.jpg

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it's really hard to say which are fake and which are not as the fakes are so well done. Amazon is supposed to be legit, ebay is 50/50. You would do best here on head-fi. here, I tried to search and found this:




Try to ask him wether he still has them. 

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