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^^Okay but after the problem over with David M, Randy F. came out and fixed it, gave him a new pair of ED8 Limiteds for David's problems with regular ED8's.  So things have changed and gotten better.  He responded to my difficulties dealing with Germany and fixed them so i could get my extended five year warranty instead of the normal three year that they offer over there and he at least responded about what they thought the problem was with the Ed-10 and how to fix it over on the other thread.  So as compared to earlier, esp in the US they have really stepped up quite a bit.  


I own ED8 limited and so does Skylab, and I got them after a glowing review that he gave.  My first better than average headphones were Ultrasone's but I was not always a big fan and went to Senn's for my main set up.  I do have to say though that after Randy stepped up, I auditioned some Pro-750's and bought them for my teenage daughters birthday.  


I was waiting to hear reviews of the Ed-10's too, hoping i could swing a pair before they were gone but the reviews have pushed me away, as well as the cost.  I have pretty much what I need over here anyway.  


So do what you want but I like to give people and companies the benefit of doubt until they prove me wrong, and I like it when businesses push the envelop even if it doesn't turn out right.  The problem will be when the headphone companies stop trying and just get a spokesman like Dr. Dre and sell tons of bad sounding headphones for huge profits and decide not to deal with the marginal profits of the audiophile community.


Hope you find what you are looking for in your search-dallan

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2011-04-05 2121 EDT JUDE:  This post was reported as being blank.  It seems this image was contained within it, but that there was some error in the message's formatting that was preventing it from showing.  I've re-posted the image.

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LOL    =P



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Originally Posted by oqvist View Post

X2... You get insensitivized and once you payed 1000$ on a something it is so easy do it again frown.gif

So unbelievably true. Less than a year ago you couldn't convince me to spend $50 on headphones if you poured your heart and soul into it, my iBuds were the best it gets! Now I'm bouncing between $1000+ headphones blink.gif

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Way not recommended. I just feel sorry for those poor dead Ethiopian goats. :(


I feel sorry for the people who shelled out money for these.

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