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I was rooting around my basement when I came across my fathers' old Pioneer HPM-60 speakers and though it'd be a fun idea to rebuild them, since the woofers have rotted out long ago and the remaining speakers probably aren't in the best shape.


I can tell that the woofer is 10 inches and there is one midrange that is slightly smaller than 5 inches, but I am unsure about the other speakers. Here's a general picture of the speakers.




So... I feel this is a foolish question to ask because I don't know much about this at all.. but does any one know the size of the top-most speakers? Is the silver dome thing even a tweeter?


I've looked on Parts-express for speakers and have been choosing Dayton brand speakers, seeing as they have a lot of reviews and high ratings. Overall, I'm looking to spend a small amount of money on this project, like $200 max, as these will not be used as primary speakers.


Thanks for your help.