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JH16 Pro's just arrived!!!

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Just wanted to say a quick WOOHOO!!!


My JH16 Pro's just arrived.  I've been listening to them for about 3 hours and I have to say.  WOW!!!


I've been using Shure SE530's for the last 3 years.  When I got them I thought they were amazing, and I guess they are, but the difference between them and the JH16's is night and day!




Listening to lots of FLAC's through a Cambridge DACMagic and a Burson Audio HA-160.



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Awesome man, good to hear. I love getting that feeling when you get a new piece of equipment and everything just sound so much better.... and you get the urge to stay up late and listen to everything all over again and reexperience it all.... and sadly you get the urge to get more music...and that's where I am lol.


Pretty soon I won't have enough space on my computer's HDD and I'll have to resort to external HDDs...


But back on topic, that's great man, I hope I get some eventually. 

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That is so good to hear!  I am doing exactly the same thing.  Six years ago, I started with the UE10Pros and then replaced them with Shure E500s two years later.  I purchased a JH16 Pro last weekend and I'm looking forward to getting them in a month or so.



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Congrats! I'm waiting for my custom tf-10 should be back next week. Enjoy yours I hope one day I can buy the JH-Audio customs.

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I've been listening to them for the best part of this weekend and they are simply amazing.  

I am listening to songs I have heard 100's of times before, and I'm hearing things (good and bad) that I have never heard before.  It really is an experience to behold.


If I get some time, I will write a quick personal (non-audiophile) review on them.  


I'm still standing by my original post.  AMAZING!!


utdeep: You won't be disappointed!  I loved my SE530's, they were faithful to me up until about 2 weeks ago (almost perfect timing - I have lost the bass from the right IEM....)  But the JH16's are just in a completely different league!    ENJOY!



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Awesome man. I am going from se530's to jh13's. Mind me asking what your order # was? Mine should be coming up soon
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Order No.1504

JH16 Serial - JH16-2951 


You won't be disappointed.  I heard a universal set of the JH13s when I was in Singapore.  Compared them to a Universal set of JH16s.  They both sounded amazing.  Different but amazing!

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Grats!! Did you buy from Jaben in SG?

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deleted - found what I needed.

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No, I had already ordered my JH16's when I visited Jaben.  I was in Singapore for a week on work.  I live in France.  They were nice enough to let me try them both even though I had told them I had already made the purchase.  

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I can but my SE530's are at home at the moment.  I don't think it is a really a comparison as the SE530's are universal and the JH16's are custom so they look completely different.  


I will post a pic of my 16's in my ear.






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Very nice photos! Have you tried the JH13?

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Originally Posted by uhnoel View Post

Very nice photos! Have you tried the JH13?


Only in a Universal.  I really liked the 13's to be honest, but I only listened to each of them for about 5 minutes each so I not going to make any conclusive claims.  


Now I've got my JH16's I don't think they are going to leave me wanting for anything...



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They look greeeat!  Does the other one say 'borg'?

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They look really great. Is that a titanium faceplate? Seems to be the way to go for custom art.

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