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Broken Klipsch S4, any solutions?

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Hey everyone, I've been reading head-fi for a few months now but am still very new to the hi-fi world, and this is my first time posting. I've been using my Image S4 since February and despite concerns of its build I quite like them, so you can imagine my horror when the left ear suddenly cut out on me tonight. I was actually more worried about my right side failing on me because the strain relief had split apart on that end (yes, that problem), but to my consternation, it was the left side that died. From what it seems to me, there is either some kind of connective problem or a short circuit rather than driver failure (not surprising), since the sound comes back for flashes when I fiddle with the casing.


I understand that this type of problem along with the one about the strain relief has been reported by multiple S4 owners, but this isn't an indictment of Klipsch build quality, but rather an inquiry into what I can possibly do to repair my earphones. I live in Taiwan at the current moment, so it isn't an option for me to trek to the nearest Best Buy and exercise my warranty (I bought them in the states), and as far as I'm concerned Klipsch has no business interests in Taiwan. What I'd like to know is if it is possible to 'recable' the S4s or if the effort isn't worth it. I guess a question like this is targeted more toward people who live in the area, but I thought I'd give it a try. I just think that it's a shame to have to replace these things after only four months of use.


With that being said, if there indeed is no hope for me to salvage my S4s, what would you guys recommend in IEMs that offer durability and quality sound without breaking the bank? My musical taste is diverse, but these days center on Jazz and R&B with some Hip-Hop mixed in. Having played violin for 15 years or so, I do have a deep background in Classical music so I like a detailed, neutral presentation, but I will admit I lean toward a warmer sound.

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Really? No Takers? No one to boldly suggest that I reshell them into customs?

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Originally Posted by tomscy2000 View Post

Really? No Takers? No one to boldly suggest that I reshell them into customs?


Dynamic-driver IEMs don't get re-shelled into customs.

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lol.. that was supposed to be a joke.. but wasn't there something a while ago that had a chinese company with a dynamic custom prototype?

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FutureSonics make a dynamic custom and have been for years.


I'm surprised noone has suggested the RE0; might be because you haven't specified a price range. The RE0 is probably the best earphone for clarity and detail you'll find for under $100, though they might not have enough warmth for you and the build quality isn't amazing. For warmth and solid build you may want to look at the ViSang R03. 

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yeah the RE0 seems to be the default suggestion; warmth is not a requirement for me, just a preference; im not too hot about the build quality about it though; besides i wouldn't know how to get either the RE0 or the visang in Taiwan -- i only return stateside about once a year -- but it would seem that i should be able to get both in tw since both visang and headdirect are asian...


i was just thinking that if there was no way to salvage my current ones, i might as well plunk down some money and save up over the summer.. Westones seem to run slightly cheaper here, about 10-11000 NT (~310-340 USD) for the UM3x but everything else shure, ue, a-t, etc. is pricier

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In China or Taiwan , you can find cheap audio repair shops. I am sure it's only a matter of changing the cable or rewiring or re-soldering or something along those lines.


Have you tried talking to the people who sell earphones for advise, they usually have connections/affiliations with other repair shops, or maybe they have a repair guy on hand in their shop.


You are only looking at about $10-20 for that I think, as opposed to $50-100.


If you were feeling confident, you could also take it apart to see what has gone wrong.

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yeah, i've been really busy these past couple of days so i didn't get a chance to look; i walked around today and found a couple of shops that did offer repair, but i don't know about their abilities yet.. im probably going to do more research when i have time.


in the meantime, i picked up a pair of superlux hd381f for 600 NT (~$19 USD)... even without the 'burn-in' period, they sound pretty darn good to me...

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Hello, I was reading your post about the Klipsch S4i headphones. Did you ever find a solution?? My right hand headphone has died......

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Solution: buy another earphone.


I'm not actually being all that tongue-in-cheek...

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I second Joker's recommendation. RE0's are amazing, there is nothing close to its detail level for its price. Don't listen to those that say the Sony MH1C is just as detailed because it most assuredly isn't.

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I replaced them with pair of B&W C5's....
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Yes, I understand the frustration.  I have not but only experienced this once, but twice, busted the jack on my first pair and a channel went out on my second pair.   With the second pair I went online and found a site that had a schematic but was wrong.  I ended up with mono sound.  It is very tedious soldering the tiny wires you can remove the insulation with heat.  I received my  X10 today and I decided to use a Monster 0.34 FT 3.5mm Male to Female headphone   I found it for 20 dollars on Ebay.  I would rather destroy a couple of those before any more headsets.  I believe the extension will relieve some stress.  Also I haven't had any monster cables even of that size break.      

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