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Zalman clip on mic with HD555

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Hi guys,

           I'm thinking of buying a HD555 with Zalman clip on mic. However, many people said that the cables will be very messy and it will mess up your headphone cable. So can give me suggestions whether i should get a zalman clip on? Or can anybody post a screenshot to see how it look like? Thanks

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Two cables side by side, attached at your computer and your headphone cable.


Is it really that hard to imagine?

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I dont recommend the Zalman mic. I get the comment that i'm too quiet all the time when i use it (PS3). I bought a "flexible mic" off ebay for $3 incl shipping? lol. Although you'll have to figure out how to get it next to your head yourself

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A while ago I was contemplating what to do about a mic on quality headphones. I know someone I can point you to. This guy will take your headphones, and for pretty cheap, put a quality mic on them. He drills a hole in the headphones and reroutes the cables etc. He makes extremely good products (and after my warranty runs out) I will definitely be getting them on my headphones.

His name is Ryan   here is his email:


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