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Ditching the BOSE On-Ear! Need new pair!

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I'm searching for a new pair of headphones for portable use.


I know my previous model, the Bose TriPort On-Ears, are frowned upon but it was a gift from my beatiful wife, so I had to wait a year to replace them. The time has come now!  I'm currently trying to sell them for 140 € (will probably have to drop the price a little) so this is my current budget limit! (I don't mind buying used pairs, though.)


I know most of you will start recommending In-Ear models, but I'd prefer cans. Last year I got hit on my ear during Martial Arts training and ripped my eardrum open. Since then I feel very uncomfortable sticking stuff in my ear. I even sold my Sennheiser CX-500 for 15 €.

However, if you can convince me that IEMs are way better than cans, I'll have a second thought and try to overcome my inner fears.


As for my preference in music:

Let's put it this way, this is what I don't listen to: Techno/Gabba/Trance/etc and Heavy/Death/Black/etc Metal. So, basically, anything but extremes. However, I do like a punchy bass.


At home I use a pair of Ultrasone HFI-780 and I really love them! The soundstage is amazing and I really really like this out of ear experience! So I've already tried the Ultrasone Zino for one week. I did like the sound, but the half-openness killed the reason of a portable can. Also, they were a tad bit too big. Did I mention that I have a 'tiny' head, yet? Yes, my head is smaller than average.


Looking forward to your suggestions.


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Doesn't anybody have an opinion or suggestion? Looking at reviews, I think the Denon AH-D1001 might be what I'm looking for. I can't try them anywhere around here, though, so I'd like to hear some opinions first.

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The Denons would likely suit you if you like bass

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Radius DDM, IE7, FX500, HJE900 and headphones like B&W P5, Phiaton PS320, MS400 and V-Moda Croosfade LP......

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I'm not 100% sure if I want a bass heavy headphone. Bass can't be loud enough when I listen to LCD Soundsystem, but Bose's bass was extremely annoying with vocal performances by Corinne Bailey Rae and the likes.

I had the Phonak Audéo ordered last year, shortly before the incident. I never got to try them out. I might give them another chance, though.

Another model I've been looking into is Sennheiser's HD 25-1 II. Mostly because it looks dead sexy. Especially compared to the ugly Denons.

Out of those mentioned, which one has the largest soundstage and which sounds the most distant (not in your head sound).
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Sorry for bumping my thread but I forgot to mention that I'm searching for a pair to use with my iPhone 3GS unamped.


In another thread some people said that Phonak's Audéo PFE were lacking bass with the iPhone so I think I'll pass on this one. I live in the city and it's very noisy outside. Obviously I mostly travel by teain and bus, so the pair must be able to block all noise that annoys me. I doubt the Audéo can do that.


So I'm still very interested in the Denon AH-D1001 but like I said, there's no store anywhere near me which could let me try them on. I have yet to find a picture which shows them in use and I'm really interested in what they look like on the head.

What about the iPhone + D1001 combo?



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I for one did not appreciate the B & W's. Though my understanding of a headphone's signature, etc, is not up with some here, they sounded pretty muddy in comparison to my MEMORY of the HD650's I listen to every day. To me they are easily bested by many others, the Grado S60's if you like that sound perhaps. I do prefer the Senn sound, so your milage may vary. The other phones I'm familiar with are Ety 6i's characterized by a very neutral sound. I see you are listening to them sans amp, this will seriously affect what many of them can do. Enjoy your search.

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I think I'll wait for the new Phonak Audéo PFE with bass boost.

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