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AD700; To amp, or not to amp: that is the question.

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I am set on getting the AD700's. I know people say they don't have to be amped, but I also hear that they lack bass and some amps can help that. I will be running them straight from my headphone jack on my Ipod or my computer, but if you guys think it is worth the extra money for the quality, I could purchase an Ipod line out dock adapter. If you think I would need a line out dock, it must be able to work for the 3G Ipod Touch. I am not a bass head by any means, and probably don't even need much bass at all. I would like to order the amp with the headphones if I need one, so that is why I am asking now before I get them. If you do think they could benefit from being amped, could you point me towards a certain amp? I hear the Fiio E5 is decent, but some say it breaks easily. Another option, although at the max of my price range, is the PA2V2. I hear Gary is a really nice guy and his amps are great for starting amps. If at all possible, I would like the amp to be portable, but also used for computer and stationary amping. Thanks to everyone in advanced and God bless. 

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I own the AD700 and I don't think amping really improves them very much. The increase in bass presence is there but you can probably do the same thing with a little EQ.


Get the headphones first and spend some time listening to them.

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Ok. Thank you very much for your input. I do have a question though. I am wondering if the line out on my ipod coupled with a small amp would increase the quality. I here the sound from the line out is more pure, and that coupled with the little more drive could make it the ultimate beginning headphone. Thanks for your answer

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It will be different, if that different is 'better' thats for you to judge. The line out cable just by passes the ipod's internal amp, which will be replaced by whatever amp the LOD is connected to.


If you want to start playing around with portable amps and dacs I'd suggest looking into the Fiio E7 as a low cost entry. I never used it before be there seems to be a lot of threads here about it. You may be able to score a used one for the same price as a new PA2V2.

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Thanks a lot for your help. As a person getting started into the headphone world, many things are very confusing. Things are starting to come together and I thank you guys very much for helping out as much as you guys do. 

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The AD700 was also my first "real" headphone. It opened up a whole new world to me. A little over a grand spent later, it is still one of my favorite headphones even without a pricey DAC or amp behind them.


Just remember that it's easy to get caught up in upgraditius here and a lot of the so called 'huge improvements' claims you'll read about here are usually somewhat inflated.

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The AD700 improves very little by amping them. It would probably take me a lot of A/B to notice the difference, so it's not instantly noticeable. It is however noticeable with a good source, it does not sound horrible from my onboard audio but a good DAC does make a difference in its dynamics and top end clarity.

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I *personally* wouldn't bother with an LOD/amp route for the AD700s, they just don't improve that much with one.

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Ok, thank you very much everyone. I guess I will just order them and see how they sound. I am sure they will sound very good, being that the thing I have been listening through are Sennheiser HD201s 0.0 They are good beginner headphones I guess, but I am sure me and all my friends will be utterly shocked when hearing these beasts. If I find they need a little help, my friend has a Behringer HA400 that I could try them with to see if an amp makes a big difference. I guess I am just overspeculating, but I honestly have no clue how headphones react under different power supplies and all that stuff, being a new headphoner. Once again, thanks to all for helping me and I hope I will keep growing as a part of this great community =) God bless

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Shipping takes soo long.... Not supposed to be here for like another week or two 

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Although they sound much less distorted at high volumes with my udac compared to the ipod plus deep bass is more present out of the udacs hp jack.

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k. Thanks for the input. I am considering using an LOD after I get the money for it and an amp.

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One more question since you seem to be here a long time, why am I not a 100+ Head-fier?

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ahh now that is a question for Jude. I am as lost as you are on the new headfi interface

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I just noticed my status changed! I have no idea what that status does or what it takes to 'achieve' certain levels.


I'd like to play devil's advocate here and say that the AD700 have a very particular sound. Some people love it other people hate it. There are quite a few thread of people who where less than thrilled by the AD700's. When they come in, listen to them for a while and decide for yourself. 


Good Luck!

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