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Rare Toshiba HR-710

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These are very rare, almost unheard of headphones from the '70s. They sound just as good as my Sennheisers, I have tested them today and they are still fully working, I was impressed. I have the box and the manual though both are a little tatty.


If anyone is interested I can take some photos and upload, discuss a price etc. NB the photo here is just one I found on the web. Mine still have a little tag attached saying "Ear head pad composition leatherette", not present in the photo. I'm in the UK but will post wherever you like.







Technical Specifications

Type: Back Electret

Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz

Impedance: 1,000 ohm , 300ohm , 8 ohm

Sensitivity: 104 dB / 1 V ( 8 ohm )

Distortion: Less than 0.5 % ( 400 Hz )

Cord: 2.5 m

Wight: 160 g ( Without Cord )



See here for a few further details on the cans:



Keywords: Toshiba electret condenser headphones Aurex HR-710




Richard Kemp

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That's the most bada$$ 1/4" plug of all time


which sennheisers are you comparing them to?  Any more info about them?

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I think it's the HD280 Sennheisers I compared to, nothing ridiculous. I didn't spend a lot of time doing an in-depth comparison, just noted that they sounded roughly the same i.e. the Toshiba's were undamaged over their long life, and could still make noise properly.


The big lump by the jack has a transformer in it I think.. it has three switches to change between different impedances: 1000 ohm, 300ohm and 8ohm.


In response to somebody else's question I live in Leamington Spa UK, which is nearish Birmingham.

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I have now listed these headphones for sale on ebay



I'm currently in Essex, not Leamington as posted above. Collection is welcome, or I can ship for the price mentioned on the auction - £3 for 1st class recorded



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