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Entry Level IEM Advice

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Hey guys,


I decided to replace the Senn CX300's that I've had for about a year now with something nicer. Overall, I am pretty happy with them, except none of the included tips quite fit me comfortably; they'd often fall out of my ears. In terms of the actual sound, I can't really compare them to anything else, since the only phones I had before these were the ones that came with my iPod Nano 3g.


That said, I'm looking to buy some sub-$100 IEMs. I listen to mostly pop and r&b, with a little alternative rock on the side. I listen to a lot of mainstream music (which many of you may find horrible). I like bass, although that doesn't mean I don't care about other frequencies. I'm looking for IEMs that would go well with these kinds of music and are under $100. However, if two options seem equally good and I can't decide, I'll go with the cheaper one since I'd prefer to save some money. I also probably won't be getting phones after this one for a while, so buying multiple pairs and seeing which one I like best isn't an option.


I've used the search function and read quite a lot of threads on this site, and, right now, I'm considering the RE0, R03/M2, SoundMAGIC PL-50, and Fischer Audio Eterna, although of course I'm open to new suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Do you have a particular reason in mind why it's better than the others?

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Originally Posted by mark2410 View Post


I agree, the R03/M2 is just more likable than the PL50/RE0 for someone who likes bass and listens to mainstream music. They will make coming off the bloated bass of the CX300s relatively inoffensive. 


Note: I have not yet tried the Eterna.

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Maximo IMetal iM-590

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