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Thanks for the fast reply, looking forward to the inside shots.

Good luck with it.


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wow, literally just came on the market for a SS amp and i see this thread! its meant to be :) I think im gonna go out on a limb and give the Asgard a shot. I'll post back if i do and keep peeps posted on how it sounds with my current k601s

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Hmm, could be on a shortlist soon. Looks nice and the price and specs fit :)

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Wow, this really looks superb. I've been looking for a decent tube amp to get my nose wet with and this looks like the perfect match. So when will the Valhalla amp be ready to purchase?

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And so... the cheesy puns begin...

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Beautiful amps but how do they sound?

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That's an great looking amp. Really nice indeed.

I enjoy FAQ a lot.

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Cheap American made amps? What's this world coming too!?


Would also love to see some audio benchmark test results!

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Originally Posted by SchiitHead View Post
2. UK compatibility and shipping: Awaiting 230V transformers, and setting up shipping right now. Transformers are the pacing item, and we're a good month out on those, sorry.


That's great. I assume that they can be used in Germany as well then, right?

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can't wait for some reviews and internal pics. :)

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The FAQ is so refreshing, I had a blast reading it.

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it feels like i just jumped off a really tall bridge with murky water below... just ordered an Asgard unit! I'll post pictures and first impressions with my 601 when it gets here. Jason seems like a really great guy, i hope they can make a go of it here in the US. check back in a few days, till then happy listening everybody.  Marc

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Originally Posted by SchiitHead View Post
5. 20V p-p into 32 ohms and 312 mA bias: yep, right on. It's single-ended Class A with a current source bias. 


6. Internals: I'll take some shots!

Got to be paralleling output devices, I imagine? Look forward to the internals......

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Can't wait for reviews of both amps used with 600Ω beyers, and how they compare with, say, Corda Concerto and Woo Audio 6.


Originally Posted by Steve Eddy View Post

 The arbitrary administration of the rules here is a joke.


You're figuring that out just now? I've only been around for half a year and more than once was reminded of that fact on various occasions.

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Gonna order tomorrow I think.

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