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Sorry, can't resist, but that is some really goooooood shiit man! The price and looks are exceptional.



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They look like an interesting company and I'm curious to hear the first reviews on their amps.  I wish them all the best

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OMG, i can't wait for reviews on this, i'll jump straight in. (If shipping to the UK isn't horrendous!)


It's refreshing to see a nice website from an amplifier manufacturer aswell!



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i like the looks of Valhalla but it needs 3 feet :)


350$ is really cheap, too bad that means 350€ with customs and shipping

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Originally Posted by SchiitHead View Post

Hey all, the SchiitHead's here!



Hello Jason, (which seems a preferable name to SchiitHead, or even Mr. SchiitHead),


First I would like to say best wishes with your new venture. It is good to see variety in the market, and refreshing to see a company committed to not out-sourcing manufacture.


I believe that your choice of company name is terrible, however I can see that it might conceivably appeal to a certain age range and mentality. I hope that this short term enthusiasm does not evolve into a long term disadvantage!


I think the simple yet modern and smooth styling is very good and I can see it having strong aesthetic appeal to a wide number of people. I feel that your prices are actually too low, and that if the performance of the amps is good you will be able to move them up +$49 within a year. I hope that you can sell plenty to cover your costs and make a decent profit.


So, I have a couple of questions:


What is the gain and output impedance of the solid state amp?


How can you have a single stage amp that is non-inverting? (A simple common source / emitter stage would invert... I'm not after an exact circuit description because that would be intrusive, but could you elaborate a little... for example is it a non-op-amp long tail pair with the stage output from the non-input side then feeding into an emitter / source follower?)


You state 20V peak to peak into 32 Ohms. That translates into 7.07 V RMS which will produce a peak of 1.56 W and require a peak current delivery of 312 mA. So do you idle your output stage at 312 mA to always keep it in Class A?


Could you please post pics of the internals? ( I am sure that I am not the only enthusiast that likes to ogle the insides of well-built kit! )



With thanks and kind regards,









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Interesting, we need some reviews on them once they shipped the first batch out, especially the Valhalla, seeing as they said that they pair good with AKG cans.

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i love the name, personally.

maybe i'm of that age and mentality.    hehe.


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Internals! We (I) want internals!

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Originally Posted by cegras View Post

Internals! We (I) want internals!

Here's a pre-production photo (taken on an iPhone) of the Valhalla board (the upcoming Schiit tube amp):



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I really like the brushed volume knob on Asgard. Will Valhalla have the same one?


thanks, Peter

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This Schiit looks schweet!!!!  I've been looking for a reasonably priced, American made headphone amp/dac combo and the Asgard nearly fills the bill.  Now I've got to begin the search for a dedicated DAC to pair with this!


BTW, for the record, I guess I'm still of the age/mentality that finds this schiit funny.  The FAQ page was a tremendously refreshing read in this often stuffy, elitist hobby.


Good luck to you guys!  I hope to be a customer shortly.



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Originally Posted by wgb113 View Post

The FAQ page was a tremendously refreshing read in this often stuffy, elitist hobby.



Seconded on that score. The hobby could certainly do with less bunkum and elitism.


My girlfriend's brother is younger and in search of an amp, so I'll point him at these guys.


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Originally Posted by jude View Post


Here's a pre-production photo (taken on an iPhone) of the Valhalla board (the upcoming Schiit tube amp):


Sexy, can't wait for reviews.

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dont mark up the price just because your getting big... and youll see me again in the future !!!!

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Hey all, SchiitHead again.


(Well, hey, better than being, uh, #2 here, right?)


Thanks for the well-wishes and the kind words. I hope I can answer some of your questions.


First, the easy ones:


1. The knob. Yep, standard between Asgard and Valhalla, and solid aluminum. Don't take it off and drop it on your cat. Bad days.


2. UK compatibility and shipping: Awaiting 230V transformers, and setting up shipping right now. Transformers are the pacing item, and we're a good month out on those, sorry.


Then, the more technical ones:


3. The gain of Asgard (solid state) is 5, or about 14 dB, and output impedance is about 0.5 ohms.



4. Inverting vs non-inverting: We were being very careful in our wording--single voltage gain stage. There are two current gain stages, one ahead of the voltage gain--I'm sure you can figure out the rest from there. 


5. 20V p-p into 32 ohms and 312 mA bias: yep, right on. It's single-ended Class A with a current source bias. 


6. Internals: I'll take some shots!

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