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Need a portable source, never owned a standalone player before.

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Hi everyone,


I've been enjoying both my Shure 840s and my DT 770 PROs for a while now, and they're great headphones to use while on my PC. However I simply have no portable solution that has great quality. Since I have no idea what would be a good portable source for my headphones, I come to ask here. The only thing of importance to me would be sound quality and capacity of the player. As of now I'm using my Nintendo DS... And I don't think it was meant for music, hah.


Any ideas?


I'm also looking for a portable amp to go along with this setup if anyone has any idea for that as well. :)


Thanks everyone!

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Anyone? :(

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Sony X Series

Cowon S9

Cowon J3

Sansa Fuze/ Clip

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Could you give a little more detail as to why? And how those would compare to a S:Flo 2?

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^They all don't sound as good,.

However, some things that would help us out:


How much are you willing to spend?

How much space do you need?

How much does having a good UI mean to you?

Do you want drag and drop or are you ok with a dedicated program? (iPod + iTunes for example)

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I'd be willing to spend $100~ total


Space? The bigger the better, if I can expand with MicroSD that'd be great


Good UI? It'd be nice, but not a priority over quality


Drag and drop would be most wanted, but again, quality is #1

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With those specifications it'll be really hard to overlook the s:flo2 or Telecast T51 as it is otherwise known.

As I have said in many other threads, it's the kind of player you certainly wanto read about before spending money on it.

You'll either love it or hate it, but for hands down SQ for the price it's basically unbeatable.


You can buy in internationally from one of two websites, House of Dap or mp4nation. Both players are identical, the only difference is mp4nation re-brands them and offers a 16gb version.

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is there some major factor about the s:flo2 people don't like? If it's the UI, I mean, at long as it doesn't lag and crash I'll be happy.

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^That and the fact that you get about 10 hours of battery life tops are mainly the only problems. The crashes and bugs have been pretty much fixed. I have zero problems with mine and I'v e had it for about 3 months now; running version 2.00. The UI isn't as "friendly" as iPods or whatever but it's solid. My only gripe is that there's no sorting by genres :/


Other than that I love the player. 


But naugh man, no crashes; amazing sound quality. If the thing had a removable/replaceable battery I'd support the damn thing like I worked for the company.

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Sounds like what I'll be going for then. :)


Any idea what I should do for a portable amp? Or perhaps I should go ask in the proper area? 

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^Yea kinda; but just to throw something out there don't use any amp under 100 bucks. The LO/HO are at a really good quality so unless your amp matches it you're going to get downgraded sound quality. 

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