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FS:Beyerdynamic DT 990 600Ω (SOLD!)

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Up for sale are my Beyerdynamic DT990 600Ω.


Bottom line, there's nothing wrong with these. I just happen to need funding for an iphone 4


$OLD shipped CONUS PAYPAL (gift payment or add paypal fees of 3%)


$OLD Shipped to Canada PAYPAL (gift payment or add fees of 3%)


other international buyers, Alaska and Hawaii PM me for shipping rates. Thanks


These were bought new and I am the first owner.


This sale includes all original accessories (adapter, leather pouch, the original box as well as all original paper inserts that shipped with them.)


These have not had much use unfortunately and have had less than 10 hours of use.


I have included pictures galore from every angle I could think of (drivers, termination, the single entry, headband, retail box, padded leather case)


so hopefully that will help you guys assess their condition.


thanks for looking!








600 ohm



There she is, silica gel and all, lol


adapter and drivers









SAM_0755.JPG SAM_0756.JPG







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That looks like a pretty big dent. What happened there? (Picture 6)

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Originally Posted by fonebone10 View Post

That looks like a pretty big dent. What happened there? (Picture 6)

No dent, that's just how the grille is shaped. If you look at pictures 9 and 10 you will see that what you are seeing is due to the last grill's shape. the middle portion of the last fin is higher than the portions to its left and right.


and oh yes




thanks all

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