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Any English head-fi fans want to meet

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Hi all fellow head -fi fans , anyone in uk want to try and sort a meet of any kind,don't know how easy this would be , any interest please reply
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See my upcoming meet details here


If you can make it

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Hi steevo1 and gregvet, I'm trying to build some interest in the idea of a proper UK Head-Fi meet like the one that happened in 2009 in Manchester (the relevant link is here:


Assuming there's interest I'll start a new thread to develop the idea and help make it a reality. I think most head-fi'ers have some desire to meet and share their experiences and thoughts with like-minded people, and of course to listen to each others gear! So, please reply if you are still interested and I'll get the ball rolling. If you know someone else who's trying to do the same thing please let me know and I'll happily hand the responsibility on to them (I'm due to have a minor operation soon so it would be best if others can take the wheel).


If a few people "up North" are interested in a small cosy house meet (no more than 4 or 5 at a stretch due to limited space and wall sockets) I would be happy to host it. Please PM me if you are interested in this - or indeed if you would rather host the meet. cool.gif

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Definitely keen for a London meet.

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We had a London meet a few weeks ago, will probably organise another little one in the new year at some point. 


One of the headfiers who attended was talking about organising something a bit bigger next year around the Heathrow area.

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Damn. Do you know of any good stores in London that have a large range of headphones and amps that I could try before I buy?

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Don't think so, you could try the electrical shops on Tottenham Court road, or get into the whole process of buying and selling and trading on the classifieds - it's a good way to try out a lot of different phones while only paying for one to start with...

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Hi folks, I've started a new thread dedicated to setting up a national UK head-fi meet, planned for spring 2011. The thread is here:


Please post any thoughts you may have about it and spread the word!atsmile.gif


Hope you get a local meet arranged with enough gear to help you decide what to buy, and just have a nice time with like-minded people. And I hope to see you at the UK Head-Fi meet 2011 !!beerchug.gif

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