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Alternate to CX300s

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my CX300s are faulty and I got a refund on them. I am almost sick of them breaking all the time because I had two already. Also I think I have a fake one too. I need something that will be better in terms of SQ and around the same sort of budget.  Wat u suggest? Thanks

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this and this should have the answers

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You know what you want; you just do not want to pay for it.  Get better plugs!

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Meelec M9.

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Vsonic R02pro2

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AKG K324 and Creative EP630 are good replacements for CX300s

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The EP630 are pretty much the OEM counterpart of the CX300. Of course, you can always move up the ladder and get better models.

*Note: Headphones in Canada are expensive, can you believe that they are selling the cx-300 II, for $120?!
What a rip-off!

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I actually prefer the SQ of the Soundmagic PL11 and PL30 over the Senn CX300/Creative EP630/AKG K324p, and they're really cheap to boot.

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Although the EP630's are said to be so close to the Senn CX300's. I found that they sounded quite different. Its true that they look almost identical minus the logo difference, but the Creative's have a much larger increase in the higher frequencies. (around 4-12khz). It is to the point where i find them quite harsh without any eq adjustments. I find I have to use a completely different eq to get the phones to sound similar. Over all i prefer the sound of the Sennheiser buds.


One thing to note though, is I have had the Senn buds for over a year, and have had issues with wax build up. This may partially account for them having less high frequency response.


For your price range another set of phones to look at would be the Klipsch Image S4's. I haven't had any experience with them myself, but most reviews seem to be pretty positive. I have just ordered them and they should arrive tomorrow. After I've given them some decent burn-in time, I'll hopefully report back.

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I have had the CX300's for a year with no problems what-so-ever. I use them for sleeping. I just lost one of the rubber earplugs and rather than try to find a cheap replacement I just bought some new ones. CX300-II. I also bought the EP630 just to have a backup set and try them out. They were $25 in Bangkok.  I find the EP630 bass much looser and highs just plain edgy. I would recommend the CX300's without hesitation for someone looking for a replacement for their ipod buds. Great punch and isolation if you can get a good seal.


I normally listen to my Shure e530, amped, but like this option when in a situation that I have to take the headphones on and off often and also for sleeping.


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Agreed basiltahan. I used mine for sleeping, because they are so comfortable and small. My CX300's just dies last week. (lost sound in one ear); but I have had them almost two years now, and use them probably an average of 3-4 hours daily. So i would consider that a good life span. Your description of the difference between the CX300's and the EP630's is right on also.

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If you like the sibilance free sound of the cx300s and their bass response I really recommend the SoundMagic PL21/MP21 with the Sony Hybrid tips. Total together is $25 ($17 for MP21s from focal price) and $8 for tips from BestBuy.


With the Sony Hybrid tips I have a perfect seal and bass is ungodly with the MP21s with far better mids than the CX300s.

Also the cable on the SoundMagics are pretty good - dont tangle/catch like the cx300s, though the Meelectronic M9s are the best in that regard. I just found the M9s to be too fatiguing/shrill/sibilant on the high end to stick with em.


my thoughts:

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Thanks for the recommendation, choppedbroccoli. I agree that seal is the key. The cx300's come with three size tips and the largest works perfectly for me. IEM's are so dependent on fit. I have never heard of the "Sony Hybrid Ttips" you speak about. I'll look around, but can't remember ever seeing them. How do you think the MP21's sound with stock tips?


I read the great review here:


My only hesitation would be that they would protrude from the ear and be less comfortable for sleep. As I said, I use the e530's most of the time. The cx300's fit all the way inside my ear and I can put my head sideways on a hard pillow and they are not pushed in or moved around.


I think for only $17, I get some Sony's anyway!

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Just did a fake sleep test and I think these do protrude just a bit. I cant say for sure how they will fit you, but I pretty positive the don't insert as far as the CX300.


Here are the sony hybrid tips:

Best Buy

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Pl21 dont insert as deep. They stick out quite a bit. The Meelec M9 sticks out too if you use the bi-flange.


I listened to the M9 and the Pl21s before and i would say i much preferred the M9s to the Pl21s and the M9s are probably closer to the sound sig. of the CX300 than the Pl21s.

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