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Advice on DAP/Amp cable

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I wonder if anyone could provide any advice on the following..


I currently have a Samsung YP_R1 as source but am waiting for delivery of my SFlo-2. I already have a Graham Slee Voyager to connect to the line out of the SFlo and these will then power my UE TF10's.


Currently I have the standard cable supplied with the amp but was interested to know the importance of this stock item? Should I upgrade this? Will upgrading make better use of my new setup?      


Also what is the standard terminology name given to this cable?


Thanks in advance for any advice.




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Having spent time searching and going through older I correct in saying (and it would make sense!) that I'm simply looking for a decent alternative 'line out cable' ?!?. If so it would seem almost every thread I have looked at relating to this all seem to be 'IPOD' related.


I know plenty of people have DAP's other than IPOD's so I guess I'm surprised I cant find any threads relating to cables for other DAP' my case it would be for a 'SFLO2 to a Graham Slee Voyager'.


Thanks again in advance for any input...Mark.  

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Any help would be greatly appreciated!! ;o)


I'm in the UK so looking for a supplier here? Should i just look for a 3.5 to 3.5 jack cable? Any particular make/supplier that are recommended?


Thanks in anticipation!! Mark.


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Check out they have quite a few 3.5mm to 3.5mm cables and will let you specify length, but if you want anything shorter than listed, you still have to pay the minimum listed price. free postage aswell, if your order is over a tenner, and all the cables in that range are.

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