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I have had an issue with tips. I can get a good fit in my right ear but have a terrible time getting a good seal in my left. I have tried MANY different tips. Even Complys aren't the greatest, and I'm not a fan of what they do the the sound of my IEM's when I get a good seal. I must have a big non round left ear opening. The only tips that come close to working are the biggest ones in any of the sets of tips I have.


I had a Best Buy gift card with $45 burning a hole in my pocket for the past 4 months. I figured I would give the Hybrids a shot. I got out to my car in the parking lot, plunked the largest ones onto my buds. Stuck it in my left ears and bingo. Perfect seal immediately. It usually takes me a minute or so of monkeying around to get a seal and even when I do I have to be delicate to keep it. They Hybrids sealed right away and stayed in place.


I'm not sure what it is about them that makes them work better for me than the other 10 sets of tips I have. I have several other tips with the same shape and softness that don't work. But for some reason they work for me.


I've heard others say they are really good, but I had so many other tips that looked the same so I didn't believe they would work. I think they are worth a shot for anyone that isn't happy with tips they have tried.


Now, what am I going to spend the $37 I have left on the card....... Maybe some Lady GaGa IEM's.