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FS/FT: Grado sr225i(SOLD)

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Used pair of grado 225i. It has not been used much because I fell in love with HD580, which is mainly because of comfort issue. The sound of 225i is fairly good to my (subjective) ears.


Selling because I am looking for dac.


Although I am the second owner of these phones, they are clearly not used much.(Hopefully, the new owner can give these cans the attention they deserves.) I could not found any flaws EXCEPT the small twist on cable as noted on the last picture. The cable is still very securely connected with the phones and has no effect what so ever with the sound.


I am looking for $160 including shipping(CONUS) on these. I can do international but I will have to check shipping price for you.


I will also consider trade for dac.

Currently thinking about Maverick Tubemagic D1, DacMagic and Gamma 2


Please pardon the blurry cam, only using phone camera.



Changed from IC to FS/FT










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it would be more convenient for the buyer and the seller if you post some pictures and a asking price, saves time for all of us, PM sent



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lightly bump

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FS/FT update

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