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Ear tips for Ortofon E-Q7?

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I've acquired a pair of ortofons recently and am enjoying it a lot  but the issue of fitting has came into prominence recently, I tried all the SML sized stock silicone tips that came with the earphones and I find that the large tips seem to fit my ear the best, but then still vacuum cannot be achieved in my right ear. I did try out the comply foam tips that came with the earphones but they do seriously affect sound quality (in a negative way.. reduced treble and mids clarity )so I was just wondering if anybody on this forum in possession of those beauties has got some ideas or suggestions? I've heard that the shure olives do not affect the sound quality to a great extend but do fit greatly like the comply foam tips do. 

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The tips from the senhieser ie series fit the ortos and also tips from ultimate ears .

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Sony hybrids also fit

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But how do they affect the sound quality? And I'm not so sure but I think my right ear canal's kinda messed up.. With normal silicone tips a proper seal can hardly be achieved... What about the shure olives do they fit ? And do they affect the sound quality like the complys do? 

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All tips will have there own unique impact on sound quality , the shure olives affect the sound in the same way as comply tips but not such a drastic drop in treble .sennhesier double flange increase bass on the ortos

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I also use sony hybrids with my EQ-7, my problem with the original tips was that they earphones felt loose in my ear and didn't isolate that good but the hybrids solved those two very nicely.

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I use the double flanges from Sleek Audio. They fit pretty well.

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So I guess I'll try out the sony hybrids ( if I can acquire them ) and the double flanges then... 

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If you can get hold of some Monster white foam hybrid tips they also fit the ortos and do not affect the treble like other foam tips

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I like ebay double flange or triple flange with the e-Q7. The sony hybrids made the stage a bit smaller and also came out once in a while for me so I stopped using that.

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