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Opposite of what a previous poster stated and I hope this is not cause for concern, but I noticed that with px-4's, to get 4v I am at the very minimum of the voltage pot.  No fluctuation after even several hours of warm up.  Sounds fine to me but wondering if anyone else has had this.

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What brand PX-4's are you using?

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Hmmm, I use KR PX-4 and am <not> at the bottom of the voltage pot. I know that I have to dial it up a "decent" bit to 4V.

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My BA behaves the same way as yours Cee Tee with my PX4's.

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Mine is the same way with the px4.
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I think it has to do with the zero point and being level. Readjusted the gauge out of the rack.

I have a Salamander rack sitting on carpet, only the stock rubber feet. Something tells me I'm going to have to buy the spikes so that it sits more level ~ the gauge is maybe off-zero because it's not perfectly level.
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Correction, my pot is turned all the way down and it shows just a hair over the 4v mark. Before I had it hooked up to power regenerators, I had to dial up the pot a little to get the 4v. if you have a solid 120v in, it might be the way it is. If you have like 116 in or a little under, it might have to be dialed up. Just an hypothesis.
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So to clarify further.  I have a Salamander 5.0 rack on regular old carpet.  The rack is really hard to get level simply because of the way it's structured and on carpet it really is a crapshoot even though the PSU is on the bottom level now.  I adjusted my 0 level a while ago and didn't really think through the whole non-leveled issue and it only occurred to me now that I really should make the rack as level as possible here.  


This morning I ordered $60 spiked feet (highway robbery) for the rack to hopefully settle the leveling issues and hopefully that is what's the root cause for this discrepancy.  Luckily I had it set at a lower voltage than a higher one for the sake of the tubes.


I also believe that because turning the knob a tiny amount has such a small affect on the position of the dial it means that being off only one notch could be almost a 1/4 turn.


I suppose will update when these spikes come in!

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Does anyone ever use KR 842 VHD tube?


I find this tube's filament voltage is as same as the 300B, but the filament current is more than 300B (1.8A>1.2A).


If I switch the amp in 300B mode, will it be ok with the tube and the amp?

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Looking for something like a Mullard ECC35 but with more pronounced mids.  Love the clarity of the ECC35 and bass.  Treble is a bit lit up at times.  Any other suggestions ( of tubes that  I could buy now) would be appreciated.  The Tungsol BGRP in my profile sounds  a bit bloated.  DAC is now the Auralic Vega.

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Have you tried a brown base Mullard ECC32?  Mids to die for.

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Yes the ECC32 is a very nice tube.


There is a large variety of ECC35's, can you post a photo please?

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Not yet.  I'll give it a look. Thanks.  


Love a forward presentation.  A dynamic wall-of-sound is my cup of tea but with discernable lyrics.

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Has anyone tried a Sistrum platform under their ECBA ?  I had great success with this platform under my Lampizator.

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