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HE-6 ordered. 

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is the loaner program still open? id like to test with hm-801 as well as dynahi

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As a follow up, I ordered the HE-6 and have been impressed. They take some power and I don't mean headphone amps but speaker amps. Fortunately, I have a few different tube and ss amps so my exploration began. I went from a Singlepower Extreme + > Rotel RM 1050> GTA SE-40> and am now driving them with two RMB-100 monoblocks. I've listened to them off of a couple DIY headphone amps and followed the HE-6 threads on amping experiences.


These cans need at least 40-50 watts (@ 8ohms) of quality speaker amp. While they sound nice (pleasant) out of the headphone amps, they came alive with the speaker amps. Many are now using 70s era receivers to drive them and all are grinning.

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