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Then that reinforces my opinion that I will love them. Definitely ordering a pair as soon as they come out (or pre-order). I want a HD600 that's cleaner, and with more, clean, bass. Perhaps a touch more treble, but not much.

heh me too! I want HE6 to be an upgraded HD600!

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Sorry for the late review, I'll get it out soon.  I'm a bit overloaded ATM, but I will finish it by the end of the week.

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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post

I think IMMTbiker agreed with me that they were a bit clinical, and I think he said the prod. version improved on this.  They don't sound like a K701 at all.  Much more natural and more bass.  I think that's the beauty of these phones is that they have a clinical nature to them, while being true to the tone and timbre of instruments.  I never thought that anything sounded off specifically, but just that the whole spectrum was a bit on the cold side. 

I didn't find them cold or clinical in my rig, whether I used the WA22 or the SS speaker amp. To my ears they were neutral, transparent, and quite dynamic. Not cold sounding but not warm either, on the liquid side of "just right". But I do not find fault with the HD800 in my rig either, this is my reference headphone that I use for comparison. "Natural" is a very good description of the HE-6 sound signature, I doubt there is a single adjective better suited to describe it. I really did enjoy my short time with the prototype HE-6, they are one of the best-sounding headphones that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to and I look forward to more comparisons with the production model. Nice writeup BTW.

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I can definitely see how you found the HE6 to sound neutral, especially if you find the HD800 to sound neutral.  However, I didn't think the HD800 was neutral sounding, and had a similar feeling about them as the HE6 in this way.  So I think that is a good reference point.  The (proto) HE6 is like an ortho-ized HD800- all the detail (or similar detail) but less of the elevated treble, and much better bass, but smaller soundstage. 


It seems like there's two camps when it comes to neutrality- the HD800 (colder) and HP1000 (warmer).  I'm in the HP1000 "camp".  So I need to hear an LCD2!!!!!


I don't think it sounds exactly like an upgraded HD600, because the HD600 is a warmer headphone.  But they're both balanced headhones. 


This is the proto version though....

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I also think that the HD600 is warm sounding, but not as warm as the HD650. The LCD-2 is also on the warm side of things, and I agree that you need to hear it. I would say that it is more like the 600 in temperature, but more like the 650 in FR (to my ears, perhaps not in a graph).


Another factor with the HD800 and the HE-6 is that I have what could be interpreted as a warm-sounding setup with the tubes and the vinyl and all; that is why I qualified my experiences with them with "in my rig" when I posted earlier.


My rig may thrive with more clinical headphones, bringing out their "inner warmth" 

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I'm not sure I would call them "clinical", but I understand the use of the term - the HE-6 protos did have a little bit of a treble elevation.  No doubt about it, but the treble is so clean it's rarely an issue, and often a real bonus. 

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Agreed, but the treble elevation is no greater on the HE-6 than on the HD800, for me anyways it's not a problem at all. There is more bass impact on the HE-6 than with the HD800, even though the bass extension is about the same. These are both very balanced-sounding headphones and there is no clear winner to my ears. The mids on both are just superlative. It would be easier to compare the production version of the HE-6 to the HD800 since they can be reportedly driven with similar amplification.

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I agree with all that 100%, except that I prefer what I heard from the HE-6 than what I remember hearing from the HD800.

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I have spent additional time with the HE-6 being driven by the RWA Isabella/30.2 LFP-V Edition Combo. Today I listening primarily to Cassandra Wilson and it is a major departure from what I heard yesterday w/ Candy Dulfer recordings. A lot of the aggressive presentation is gone, the sound being more cohesive and less demanding of attention. I still feel the sound is still intense for every day listening and hope to listen to the upgraded HE-6 which hopefully have improved on the issues brought up by various users.


The bass today has more impact, almost visceral. The mids are very detailed and Cassandra's voice has very nice tone and depth. The treble is not as "piercing" as yesterday and if I did not know better I would say someone swapped something in my rig. Much better listening session, hope to have more in a couple of days. Cheers.

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Originally Posted by mrarroyo View Post


 The treble is not as "piercing" as yesterday and if I did not know better I would say someone swapped something in my rig. Much better listening session, hope to have more in a couple of days. Cheers.




It's called BIOBAE....   "burning in of brain and ears"    !!!!!!



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The headphones should not be changing at this point although Cassandra Wilson seems to affect me differently every time I listen to her. She is amazing and has a funky way of getting in between the beats and doing her own thing, sort of like Betty Carter. If you haven't already, see if you can listen to "Run the Voodoo Down", from Traveling Miles, or "Go To Mexico", from Thunderbird. They are what music should be in her genre.

Unfortunately, I have to give up my prodo HE-6's back to Fang for RMAF, and I can honestly say, they were one of the hardest "give ups" that I've ever done. I will definitely be on the list for when these become commercially available. These 6's are untouchable in so many ways.


I begged Fang to unleash a pair for those who are still in the loaner program, and haven't received theirs yet. He said, if he can get enough, he will make it happen, For Maxvia, and others, I am in your corner, pulling for you. I have nothing bad to say about them and  "satiation" is the word that I can best find to use to describe these. Once in while, a headphone comes along that hits that spot, you know, the one we are all looking for, and these fulfill that spot. I am not shilling for the headphones. Everyone knows that Fang is my friend and if the prodo sounded like sh!t, I would be the first to say so. These are the ones, my Head-Fi friends, and I hope he can keep up with the supply that these will command. That, and the fact that they can be driven with a quality dynamic, makes these a winner. Patience is a virtue, and it's one that I don't have. . I can only hope that I make up for it in other ways to be a good human, who has offered the world other benefits. 


Otherwise, maybe Dr. Phil or even Dr Ruth can help this desperate soul. Otherwise I'm doomed to a life of eternal damnation. 


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Hearing about how beautiful the treble is on these, I'm really excited. Bass is all well and good, but it's the treble that often makes or breaks it for me.

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Dear mrarroyo,

    I have recently upgraded my Redwine audio isabella + signature 30.2  with LFPV batteries.  When you posted that the combo can drive the HE6

very well, do you use the speaker post with AKG 1000 adapter or do you use the headphone amplifier section?   With the new adapter cable box

do you think the redwine audio headphone amplifier with the new battery will be able to drive HE6 effectively.   I don't know much about the amplifier

specification but I have got an email from Ms. T today that the new version of HE6 (commercial) has improved and can be driven by the Hifiman EF5,

so that may be a very good news.

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Received the loaner HE-6s yesterday afternoon.  Listening to them today as I have time.  Using the MiniWatt to drive them directly.  It does a great job.  Using 2 miniwatts side by side, one driving the LCD-2s through an adapter, and the other directly driving the HE-6.  Both amps being driven from the line out of an iDecco.


At first listen, I really like the HE-6!  Very clean and open.  Sounds very neutral.  Nice!!!


More to come.


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So the loaner HE6 is sonically different from the release version yeah?

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