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My worst was a microwave capacitor at about 1/3 charge while setting up a thyratron pulse transformer trigger circuit. And plenty of 1kV discharges from small caps in nuclear instrumentation. Way too scared of my 50kV supply to ever let that shock me.

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After having been in electronics for over 30 years, I've gotten nailed pretty good a few times. Some of the highlights:


120VAC off a triac, multiple times (exposed AC in stuff I used to service years back - poor design.)

350 VDC - plasma display miswired by an idiot coworker

Flyback transformer in a CRT, about 13kV - the CRT adjustments were right under the yoke of the CRT - more idiotic design


Non work related:

Big battery for a Metz flash, something like 180 VDC. I was fooling around and wondered what would happen if I touched the terminals. That hurt, bigtime.

Phone ringing while hooking up an extension for my parents - literally knocked me across the room.


One of the funniest things I ever saw was a coworker a few years ago attempt to solder a live 120 connection with a grounded-tip soldering iron.   That made some serious sparks. Much laughter ensued in the lab, once we made sure he was OK.

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Originally Posted by Avro_Arrow View Post

Let's see...in addition to the usual 120 volt shock I have been on the hot end

of a tesla coil, lawn mower spark plug and backlight inverter...

I'm still still no probbbbblem here plsttttt!

YEAH, I forgot about my "car days",  Those spark plug shocks can really scare the ba-Jesus out of YOU......Avro_Arrow, thanks for those memories....

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Too many times to name on headphone amps and DACs, mostly around 30VDC, once off a SOHA2 at 100VDC - stung for about 5 minutes, very unpleasant, few times one-handed live AC - it tingles a bit, then buzzes, then kind of hurts a bit.

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Since we're sharing war stories.  Many moons ago, I was cleaning up in my father's shop in the basement after working on a renovation.  Plugged in an extension cord to connect to the vacuum, plug in the other...ZAAP!  Damn!  What got me?  Pick up the cor...ZAAP!  Dammit!  Turns out my father had previously damaged that extension cord, and mistakenly replaced the female plug end with another set of male prongs.  An extension cord with male plugs on both ends.  Doh!   Thanks for the jolts, Dad.


Now I connect wires to "things" first, check the network, and then connect to power mains last, for electronics large and small.


The scariest was a totally random thing...maybe 20 years ago.  I plugged in my "boom box" radio into the kitchen outlet next to the sink and FLOOM!  Threw me onto the floor and melted the (metal) plugs down to nothing.  A few layers of skin were vaporized from the outer layers of my fingers on my plugging hand and I had black residue along my arm from where the black plastic of the plug/wire were vaporized and precipitated (i guess?). It turned out to be a lightning strike that traveled down the copper piping and jumped to a poorly grounded nearby outlet.  I'm still around because the boom box had a poor quality power cable that essentially served as a fuse.


Mains voltage (120VAC at ~10A) feels like a nerve gone bad, an irritating tingly buzz that cycles along the path of the current through the body.  Lighting feels like BAM. Uh, what?


Now when I walk down a street at night, the lights above flicker to note my passing :)

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