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Here are a few more that have some pretty broad sound-stage - both are live recordings:




The link above is actually to an HD video mated to the binaural audio that I recorded. It's Indian-fusion music, and comes from a series of videos that were posted (all shot by Michigan Music Monthly) of the band Sumkali. It's interesting to listen to this versus listening and watching. I think there are seven or so excerpts from the concert, and all feature binaural audio.


Also, here's a link to an ensemble show that I recorded a while back. This was done in a small theater (seats about 90) with the mannequin head placed at stage center, facing the musicians. All of the performers were seated in an arc in front of the mannequin - maybe 12 feet or so away (approx 3.5 m). If I had to guess, I would say the total arc length was about 25 feet. As the set progresses, you will hear performers appear at hard left or right, but you will also hear the performers seated closer to the centerline; also, listen for harmony parts being sung by others either close to the performer, or on the opposite side of the stage.


The first set features originals whereas the second set features covers of Joni Mitchell tunes.


Lastly, listen for the rains during part of the performance - pretty cool in the headphones:





PS: If you like this, you can download the show in flac and other formats (you'll see the download links on the page)

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Originally Posted by ToddTheMetalGod View Post

Any decently recorded binaural recordings will do very well in soundstage and imaging. They are great for testing out the spacial capabilities of headphones, since they are designed for headphone listening (by using omni-directional mics and such).

As someone who does a lot of binaural recording, I'd have to agree - in principle. Todd's dead-on right though when he says that binaural is designed with headphones in mind (or to put it another way, binaural really requires headphones to render the correct spatial elements of the recording).


Having said that though, a binaural recording made in a super-reverberant space (i.e. not at all suitable for music) would sound 'accurate', but there would be very little left to right definition due to the boundary conditions in which the recording was made (even though it would be binaural). Thankfully, such recordings are generally only used as part of research efforts, so most of the binaural stuff that you find will almost always have been recorded in conditions more suitable to music...so there's that.


I post a lot of stuff up on soundcloud (immersifi), but there are also others who post binaural stuff up on soundcloud (but DON'T use the soundcloud player as it transcodes down to 128 kbps ...the horror...so, download the files).


One cautionary note though...when I say 'binaural' I am explicitly referring to those recordings made using a mannequin head microphone with artificial ears (or microphones inserted into a person's ears). Regrettably, there are many people out there who continue to call variations on spaced-pair microphones 'binaural', when in fact this is not the case. Just to be clear, I am not knocking some of the good spatial attributes of some of these ersatz / quasi binaural recordings - I'm simply making the point with regard to technical accuracy.


I really should write more about the whole HRTF side of binaural, and may do so in a post sometime soon, as it's really important to understand the role that the median HRTF plays in binaural recording - it's kind of the keystone to the arch that is binaural methodology.


Anyway, you can persue soundcloud for more binaural stuff if you like - if you check the immersifi page, you can look at some of those whom I follow, and vice versa, and you'll find a lot of binaural available.

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Here's a new post...part binaural, and part stereo...







ADDED: Here is the link for the files in 320 kbps mp3: https://soundcloud.com/immersifi/sets/the-pioneer-high-school-symphony-band-320-kbps-mp3-when-downloaded

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Just found a new one... Rocky Mountain Way, by Joe Walsh.
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A few selections:


Long Distance Love - Little Feat (The Last Record Album)


Get Outside - Robert Palmer (Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley)


The Goodbye Look - Donald Fagen (The Nightfly)


Shining Moon - Tab Benoit (Nice and Warm)


Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley (Grace)


How Can I Be Sure - Shelby Lynne (Just a Little Lovin')


Lilac Wine - Jeff Beck (featuring Imelda May) (Emotion and Commotion)


Shadows in the Rain - The POlice (Zenyatta Mondatta)



I'd suggest, if at all possible to audition these from the original CD / great-condition vinyl rather than the re-mastered versions.


Happy Listening,



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Backseat of my car -from RAM by Paul McCartney

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GOMEZ - from the album "In Our Gun"


Pretty much any track (great for headphones), but some personal favorites...


"Rex Kramer"


"Shot Shot"


"Detroit Swing 66"


"In Our Gun"


This really is a fine-sounding record.

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Midnite vultures (album) / Beck


Track #7, "Broken train".  

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