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WTB: AT M50 or Denon D1001

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Hello. I want to buy Audio-Technica M50 or Denon AH-D1001.. If you have one in stock and consider selling option, just write me PM with info about condition and approximate usage and don't forget to include price with shipping to Denmark:) Look forward to any offers :)


P.S. If you have portable amp and want to sell it together, also include some info about it!

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bump up!

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No one willing to sell their old stuff and get something new??

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I would sell you my ATH M50's no question however I'm really leery about international shipping. Also, the shipping cost would be immense based on the size of the box and what not if you wanted it shipped FedEx or UPS with a tracking number. If you will be covering shipping totally then I will seriously consider it, pm sent with more details by the way.

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Oh, I have set- I'm from the USA. I think I can do $110 shipped, uninsured.

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Thanks for everyone! Already got mine's M50 :)

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