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This is a feedback thread for dizzyraider :)

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recently conducted business with dizzyraider and sold em some cans, he was very nice and understanding.  Fantastic to deal with would definitely recommend.

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bought a cmoy from me. Good communication, transaction went down without a hitch.

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dizzyraider helped out a newb by offering to let me demo some of his Grado pads. He wasn't selling anything, just contributing to the head-fi community. After meeting up, I definitely learned a bit about Grado's and amps which helped me out quite a bit. Don't hesitate to deal with dizzyraider, he's good people.

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Sold my Ultrasone Pro 650 to him, a very fluent transaction.

Payment received immediately!

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sold him mini-mini fast payment good stuff :)

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Sold dizzyraider a gamma 2. Fast payment, fast communication. Excellent transaction. Recommended.
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Sold dizzy my Starving Student.   Fast payment and excellent communication.   A great guy to do business with!

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Bought a starving student amp from dizzy.  Fast shipping, replies PM's very fast and amp was well packed.  A great guy :)

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Sold my Millet MiniMax with Blackgates.  At first, I was a little hesitant waiting a week for him to sell his stuff, but during the week and upon delivery, communication and payment promises were spot on and delivered.   Great head-fier and would deal again without hesitation.

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I bought a Headphonia CableDAC from Dizzyraider.  He shipped it very quickly and even refunded me some of the shipping costs when it was lower than expected.. It was a pleasure doing business with him

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Wow had a very pleasant and above satisfactory transaction with this guy, very prompt and professional.

He always kept me informed of both payment and arrival of shipment something that I am sure most sellers really appreciate.


Thank you very much for your business, I will definitely look forward to more smooth transactions with ya in the future!




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Sold a pair of RS1i's to dizzyraider. Perfect transaction and excellent communication!

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Sold dizzyraider  a Gamma1 Lite DAC. Communication was excellent, payment was lightning fast and a very nice guy. Great Head-fier!!! Thanks!

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