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JVC FXC50 Tips?

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Can anyone here recommend replacement/upgrade JVC FXC50 Tips? I've been using the small ones, I lost one medium tip as soon as I got them and the large are too large for me. I think the medium fit well so anything that size or smaller is cool.

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They aren't very popular so I don't think a whole lot of people can answer your question. I think the only replacement tips I ever tried were Comply T400s and they worked well. Most 5.5mm silicone tips should fit but I can't recommend a particular set because manufacturers sometimes like to make the bores of their tips smaller than the nozzle size they were designed for and stretching them over the FXC50 might ruin them. 


If it helps someone else make a recommendation, the stock FXC50 tips are identical to Hippo Shrooms tips.

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You can order replacement tips at the JVC store, However, I too lost a tip a while ago, so I just ordered another FXC50. they go on sale quite often at newegg for 14.99, or they have even been as low as 12.99, free shipping. I have since upgraded to the FXC80, which uses the same tips, use the same driver, but sound better and are sturdier, ( never had a problem with the FXC50's).

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Thanks guys, Joker in a couple days I would have pm'ed you about it but it wasn't that urgent. T-400 though, I think I'll try that.

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Hi buddhasenglong :)


I have the tips from my FX50. They broke but I saved the tips. I can mail them to you if you want. If the shipping costs are reasonably low (from Spain to Colorado) you don't need to pay anything. Otherwise I'll tell you the shipping costs before sending anything, just to make sure the tips are worth it.


I washed them before putting them on a box, but I didn't dissinfect them thorougly. You may want to use hibiscrub or something like that.


About my reputation, I'm afraid I haven't made any business with people here, so you will have to take my word if you finally have to pay the shipping costs.


PM if you're interested.


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PM sent.

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