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There's an ebay seller that can make 10cm coax cables using Belden 1694A cable & true 75Ω Canare RCAP-C53A plugs...looking forward to receiving it. I've read several reviews that put this combo on the very top of the list for audio [:huit]

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the jitter gods mood: [:cytrouille]

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leeperry, i've been trying a setup like yours for the last few days - Olimex dongle, Bravo, and a couple of dacs. 


hey, this sounds very sweet, even without upgrading the power supplies.  but the Bravo doesn't handle 88.2khz over USB, so it has its limitations.  

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yep, it's a bummer about the non-88.2 support...I've recently gotten ahold of a lot of 88.2 files and I'm seeking a proper solution to playback those files.


There's a newer generation of Tenor chip in the works, I've even located a seller for such a transport...I'm expecting some feedback on whether it'll do 88.2...considering the model number, it very much should, but I don't think it will: http://www.uta.elektroda.eu/ftp/GFEC-Tenor 2010Q1r2.rar




Załączona grafika: old/post-23755-100001429 1276343673.jpg

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Wanted to throw my two cents in about some issues brought up earlier in the thread:


Lee had mentioned the possibility of changing the USB polling setting. There are some guys over at Computer Audio Asylum who figured out a registry mod to lower the default polling interval of 1ms to 5ms, but I guess that's the highest they could get. Most of them claim a SQ improvement for their USB DAC's. I've done it myself, seems to have made a (possibly placebo, I was doing a bunch of other OS tweaks etc. at the time) difference. Anyway, it involves putting in a new D-WORD value in a bunch of different registry sub-keys that have to do with USB controllers. Here's the thread where they mention how:




It isn't clear whether or not you have to add the D-WORD value to every sub-key or just, as the original author states, the keys that also have a "Controller" key. It doesn't hurt to do it to every sub-key, if you're the compulsive type. Also, I use Win7 x64 SP1 and the registry values are still there as described, even though that thread talks about modding for Win XP SP2 only.


Also, Lee had mentioned that he had had no luck in disabling Spread Spectrum on Gigabyte mobos. At least on mine (relatively new one - GA-P55A-UD3 rev 1.0), the Gigabyte BIOS allows you to disable Spread Spectrum if you access the "extra BIOS menu" by pressing Ctrl + F1 and go to I think voltage settings. Anyway, you have to press Ctrl + F1 for the option to pop up, in any case, for disabling.


Also, a question: I guess I'm going to follow the herd and jump for the Olimex dongle over the C@H or the ADuM5000 one. Could someone tell me, though, what chip the Olimex uses, if any? Didn't see on the website any mention of the ADuM4160 or any other chip.

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Well, increasing the polling rate is the exact opposite of what you want IMHO...Any audio device forces it to 1ms anyway, the very same trick mouse overclockers use. All the USBProber logs show it, and that's the TE7022L chip:

Audio Class Specific Audio Data Format
Audio Stream Format Type Desc.
Format Type: 1 PCM
Number Of Channels: 2 STEREO
Sub Frame Size: 2
Bit Resolution: 24
Sample Frequency Type: 0x04 (Discrete)
Sample Frequency: 32000 Hz
Sample Frequency: 44100 Hz
Sample Frequency: 48000 Hz
Sample Frequency: 96000 Hz
Endpoint 0x03 - Isochronous Output
Address: 0x03 (OUT)
Attributes: 0x09 (Isochronous adaptive data endpoint)
Max Packet Size: 388
Polling Interval: 1 ms


OK, good to know that Gigabyte finally allow to disable the CPU and PCI-E Spread Spectrums...it might be placebo, but I'd swear that it improved the sound quality drastically(together w/ setting the NB "clock skew" options to 0ps).


The Olimex dongle is using ADuM4160.


Also, I've been confirmed that TE8802L does support 88.2kHz natively.

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BTW, I don't mean to threadcrap their thread, but the Halide Bridge was measured at 780ps: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/audiophilleo/3.html


A noisy bus powered PSU doesn't do miracles...even if you go async using the holy TAS chip.


The more I upgrade my gear and I listen to the Bravo+Supplier combo, the happier I am about WM8804's performance...It's a foolproof solution to coax jitter. And it's fully documented too, anyone can boast about "low jitter"...and everyone does actually. Only Wolfson do come up w/ measurements and hard proofs.


As they say where I come from: "promises only engage those who listen to them".

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LP, you ever look into the Mapleshade?

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Hehe, I posted the link in the Hiface thread coz I found it funny...but I don't have a wood fetish, and I'm not in the market for interfaces w/o serious jitter measurements available tbh. The Hiface had a high "new toy syndrom" when it was released, but now everyone claims that it's been superseded by newer interfaces....and there's been too many reports of wonky drivers too.


I even read another italian company selling a TE8802L solution boasting about "low jitter" 500ps oscillators...it's like the companies that sell "low ripple" 150mV PSU's.

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You think the Mapleshade is just a re-packaged Hiface? That was my impression when I first saw it as well but I don't know, that's why I brought it up. It does have similar form factor for sure.

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They mention Marco in their sales pitch....you know, the guy who never answers emails and when he does, says "oh yah, the drivers work fine".


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Originally Posted by grokit View Post

You think the Mapleshade is just a re-packaged Hiface? That was my impression when I first saw it as well but I don't know, that's why I brought it up. It does have similar form factor for sure.

Yes, it does look very similar to the HiFace.  Perhaps this is one of those OEM deals...M2Tech make them for this company.

There are other examples on that site of modded devices so perhaps they take the HiFaces and mode them and resell them.


I have used the Hiface for quite some time and never had any issues with it with drivers or anything else.

I know quite a few guys that have modded them and swear by the improvements.

You would have to crack one open and see if they use similar internals or what has been modded on this unit.


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This is how Bravo works:



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Very nice! but where did you get this from? coz Firestone told me that they made TE7022L get through DIR9001 before feeding WM8804. They claimed that the I2S output of TE7022L was slightly out of specs. So it's reclocked twice if I understand it right.

And do you agree that pulse transformers are just overpriced ferrite beads? Some ppl say that pulse transformers have a bad influence on jitter too.
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Just to clarify: TE7022L can output both I2S and SPDIF. In Bravo, Tenor is outputting SPDIF because Fi-Reclock thing is "made for SPDIF". And, absolutely yes, signal gets through DIR9001. Just by the way, quite a hi-end Furutech Le mans (e.g. see http://www.ultrahighendforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=199&t=1375) is using Fi-Reclock technology, too. And it even has the same TE7022 -> DIR9001 path. Regarding pulse transformers vs. Ferrite beads, this all depends on exact implementation. E.g. so-much-talked-about M2Tech HiFace (which has a sort of the pulse transformer, yet a DIRTY legacy USB power) has effective jitter at around 1000ps. Not that impressive, isn't it? Even stock Bravo has lower jitter indeed (I didn't measure Bravo, but I trust my ears).

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