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Just about to Pull the Trigger on DENNON AHD2000

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There has been some talk about counterfeit dennons. 


I'm not planning on getting them from eBay..


But should i be at all worried about getting them through amazon?


I was set on the ultrasone headphones but after watching this guy named rat review headphones on youtube with a analyzer and an oscilloscope, in terms of flat sounding and bass capability's the dennons came out pretty much on top.


 I am going to be using the dennons with my Sansa Fuze, will this be a problem?


On a side note, regarding my Ultimate Ears superfi eb5's, the extended bass comes at a pretty big cost, and thats the midrange.






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I don't know buddy, I've read around that Denons measure great (on Tyll's blog also) but in my experience the bass seem to be overwhelming the mids and it doesn't make sense, they sound nothing like the other headphones that subjectively and measured to be neutral - HD600, T1 etc... Plus, there's the issue of vibration and dampening, hence the mods. The situation could be pretty bad with a Fuze, I understand the HP out quality is good but its internal battery might not have the power, leaving muddy bass on a pair of already bassy pair of headphones. 

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I highly recommend an amp with the Denons as they are boomy when unamped. I found the bass to be perfect for my needs not overwhelming at all but then again I do like a bit more bass than what I'd consider to be neutral. If you like mids then I'd set up an eq or look for a different pair of cans.

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Well... I find my D5000 boomy and bloated whether amped or not. Like with most cans, amps improve the sound, but with my lossless files on my iPod, the D5k has been excellent.

Other than that I think the sound is gorgeous! It's mod time.



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I watched Rat's experiments also. You gotta remember he wasn't checking for what sounds better for music listening but for headphones to mix with at concerts. The video wasn't very informative about what headphones are good for listening to music.

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Based on my experiences with Denon headphones (D2000) they dig unusually low when it comes to bass, and my guess is many of us aren't used to that in headphones. It's also a different sensation than when we hear (and feel) that sort of bass produced by speakers. It may take some getting use to, and perhaps some people don't find that natural. 

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i did my research before i watched the utube vids.


And the dennons were top on my list and then i watched the utube video and that helped me make up my mind.


Will the cheapo Fiio tiny amps help out with my sansa fuze.. Or should i get a better amp.. I'm going to school so my budget is low.


I figure that i should spend the majority of my money on a good set of cans now, and then save up for a good high quaility amp down the road.


thx again.

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My 2 month ownership experience with D2000's were great bass, but terrible terrible midrange.  Very recessed and thin.  The only quality headphones I have ever hated.  However this was out of a Denon receiver.

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The D2000 aren't anything more than a $30 headphone in a fancy shell, they're a boomy, bloated mess. As far as amping required at the time of owning the Denons I had a Meier Headfive which didn't do much for them however they responded quite well to a Singlepower PPX3 SLAM so I'd say they are quite transparent and require a good amount of amping to control them.

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argh !


Im so confused.

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Originally Posted by greenrolaids View Post

flat sounding and bass capability's

Bit of an oxymoron there? 


If you were concerned about the mids to start with, you probably shouldn't be looking at Denons :P 

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i guess im looking again.



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Originally Posted by Mr Joboto View Post

Bit of an oxymoron there? 


If you were concerned about the mids to start with, you probably shouldn't be looking at Denons :P 

The mids do suffer with the D2000.  Fortunately it is mostly fixable if you use a parametric EQ or a graphic EQ with lots of bands.  Without any EQ the mids are definitely not flat and it is definitely noticeable in a bad way.


I do like the overall sound of the D2000 and like it for music listening enjoyment.  The overall sound enhances the music for me even if others consider it bloated or messy or full of distortion.  I'd rather have the Denon sound for music enjoyment rather than the thin accurate soulless noneness of a K701.  The K701 might be "better" but I certainly don't want to listen to music with it.  So pick your poison, pick your sound.

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Originally Posted by greenrolaids View Post

argh !


Im so confused.

lol, go for it. It is very worth it, imo. I dont know why, but people here seems to be very, very, very sensitive to bass. The D2000 does NOT have bloated, muddy, bass whatsoever!!! They are tight and I find them to be just right. A little more bass would even be better. However, it does have a recessed mids so if you like listening to jazz, or classical music, you should probably go for something else.

Btw, It does not need an amp although it will certainly benefit from one.


Good luck!

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Different people hear differently. It's one great things about this hobby. It's very subjective. What sounds incredible to one person may sound like utter garbage to another. What someone feels is bass light another may come to the conclusion that there is plenty of bass. Heck, I don't agree completely with what Beam and Graphicism think about the D2000s but that's what they heard. Everyone hears differently so it's really about figuring out what you like. I've read numerous reviews but in the end it comes down to taking the plunge and trying out the can for yourself.


I'd probably go ahead and get them from Amazon as I believe they have a good return policy. Also if you can find a place near you to audition some cans to get a rough feel for what you want. What are your music preferences?

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