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Superlux HD668b now available from the US? :D

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So, found out you can get the 668b from http://www.greenflymusicsupply.com/store/Avlex-HD668B-Enhanced-Bass-Headphones-p3882.html .


It's advertised as the "avlex" but that is just the company that owns the superlux line as far as I can tell. For what ever reason they don't show in google searches from this website, while the 681's do. but they have them!


At 39 bucks, seems pretty good compared to paying ~80 dollars for international shipping prices + euro conversion rate.

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Not sure if this company ships to the US or not but here as an online reseller from Canada. http://www.pawmusic.com/collections/headphones, I just ordered a pair intending to do a review/comparison between them and my QNN/ONN Open Headphones I reviewed the other day. I'm hoping these will give me a slightly more isolating sound than the wide open Onn's but will wait and see in regards to their sonic qualities. In regards to build quality they would appear to be better then the ONN though which I would expect at twice the cost, having said that I put in $20 worth of after market cabling on the QNN/ONN so they are about the same price in actuality.


Here is another reseller for Superlux http://ralaudio.com/superlux-hd668-professional-semiopen-enhanced-bass-p-4178.html, but I have to say I have not dealt with this company myslef so can not say what they are like.

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does anybody in the usa or canada sell the superlux hd669 closed back headphones ? also what happened to the great elusive thirty dollar deal on the superlux hd668b ? can the superlux hd669 be had anywhere near the 30 dollar range or is this just old news ? thanks for your feedback in advance .
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Originally Posted by GFMS View Post

These are coming back to Green Fly and are expected about the 15th of May so order yours today! These sell VERY fast and only 144 coming. Hurry but yes, they're back.


You aren't allowed to advertise here. I'm not gonna report you but you are probably going to get banned or your posts deleted.

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I acquired from this company, Green Fly, the headphones arrived promptly and I am delighted at the performance of the headphones. Thak you for the tip.


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